1 Chapter one: the first encounter

There's a saying from an old classic novel that to this day I thought was nothing but bull shit. 'A man in possession of a great fortune must be in want of a wife.' Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin. I was always told as a child to never depend on a man, to create a life by myself for myself. Never has that quote been so accurate to my life right now as much as I despise it.

Before I tell you why I guess I should tell you who I am. My name is Elizabeth Taylor, and I just made a deal with the devil. Or rather the devil in a form of a man.

It all started when my father John Taylor had to take out a mortgage on his store to help pay for my mother's hospital bills. My mother has been suffering from lung cancer, and when she passed away it left my father swimming in a deep pool of debt.

With his business not going so well and me barely making ends meet with my own job, I decided to look for a second job to help him get out of the $450,000 debt.

I searched paper ads, followed store signs, and made several phone calls. But to my demise no luck.

After several failed interviews, I was about to give up hope until I found an advertisement in the paper. Kingsley's Cooperated, Private Secretary wanted.

Serving a big shot CEO man was never in my thoughts. I mean fetching a man coffee and his dry cleaning? I might as well sell my self as a house wife. But beggars can't be choosers and if anything it would be temporary. What the hell its worth a shot.

I wasn't the only one responding to the ad, several girls were lined up for the interview process. As I looked around the room I started to feel discouraged. All of these woman were dresses, well I wouldn't say slutty but not innocent either. Compared to them my cheap pencil skirt and blouse didn't stand a chance.

The clock seemed to tick so slowly as we waited for the interviews to start. The ladies were giggling and whispering about Mr. Kingsley. Words of millionaire, bachelor, and sexy were thrown in the mix.

Just how important is this man? These ladies are going out of their way to sell their looks to him, for what? A minimum wage job?

It seemed like a life time waiting in that lobby, until finally the office door opened. Emerging, a tall man dressed in a expensive blue suit, tailored perfectly to his body.

"Good afternoon ladies. My name is Kyle Kingsley CEO of this establishment. I'm sorry but looking at your résumés and backgrounds unfortunately none of you have what I'm looking for. Please leave or be escorted off the premises by security. Thank you." Wow very blunt, and not like a asshole at all.

After some mumbles of displeasure and whining, all the girls began to grab their bags and exit the room. I reached down for my bag and stood up straightening my skirt. Oh well back to the drawling board.

"Hold on. You in the blue blouse, come here." Blue blouse shit please don't be talking to me, why call me out? He's gonna make fun of me isn't he? All rich guys are jerks right?

I turn around and sure enough Mr. Kingsley is staring me down. I took a big gulp of air and walked towards him with shaky legs, god these heels are not helping. I stop about three feet away only for him to cover the remaining distance in one quick stride.

"What is your name?"

"E-Elizabeth Taylor." I chocked out. His intimidating height towers over me making my nerves flare up. He said nothing but begins walking around me. I felt like a injured creature being measured up by a lion.

I am standing so close to him, his cologne surrounds me, so intoxicating....

"Please step into my office I have some questions for you."

Whoah what I get an interview? I managed a small nod and followed him into his dark lair.

"Sit." He ordered. I thankfully obeyed, glad there was a opportunity for my legs to not collapse. He sits himself behind a massive wooden desk. He reaches out to a stack of files. He rummages through them before satisfied with the one he found. He skims through it before speaking.

"So why is it someone like you wants to be my personal secretary, from your resume it says you have a bachelors degree in biology, you could get such a better job then filing papers and answering phones."

"Well I've always found this company interesting, and always wanted to learn-"

" Cut the crap I can tell your lying that's not why. Now tell me the truth. Did someone send you to spy on me? Try to get the job and my attention by dressing like that?" Like what? I thought this was a very modest outfit,and what the hell does he mean?

"No i-"

"Who sent you?"

"No one I'm here personally I really need a job-"

"Bull shit tell the truth!" oh no one yells at me.

"Okay fine! You want the truth I have a 450,000$ debt hanging around my father's and my neck. I need this second job so I can pay it off because if i don't my father will lose his home, his business, and everything he's worked so hard for! Yes I have a degree in biology, no I don't give a damn about fetching coffee, answering phones or whatever. But not many people are hiring someone with little field experience right now. I just really need the money. So if your done accusing me of being a spy or whatever, I'll be going now. Thank you soooo much for your time." I curtesy sarcastically and got up heading for the door just to be cut off.

Next thing I know I'm pushed up against

The door, both of his arms on each side of my head. he bends his head down to me with a cocky smile on his face.

"You have some guts talking to me like that Miss Taylor. Very few people can get away with speaking to me like that."

"Well I don't put up with bullshit, especially from people who accuse me of things. " I crossed my arms and looked him in the eyes.

"Your not a spy?" He said. I took a big breathe.

"Don't you think if I was a spy I would have tried harder to get your attention like dressing like those women or faking my resume?" He just continues to stare at me. I sigh.

"No I am not a spy. Like I said I just need to make some money." a devilish grin appears on his face.

"Good then let's make a deal."

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