1 An unfortunate event?

As the sun was setting and the grass was swaying in a rural area, a young man in his 20's could be seen taking a break after finishing the last touches to his house. The young man was looking at his house in all of its glory as it shined upon the setting sun.

As he looked up at the sky the young man saw a shooting star which was brighter and bigger than any he'd seen before and shed a tear, thinking the universe was praising his hard work but when the shooting star didn't go away and instead got bigger and brighter he didn't even have a chance to react and he died instantaneously by the meteorite.

After dying he was immediately overwhelmed with 360 degree vision and he couldn't feel his limbs but after a while he finally got used his newfound sight enough to not make himself as overwhelmed.

"Ugh.. why do I suddenly have 360 degree vision? This is so annoying and I can't even close my eyes.. wait... where is my house?"

Although he was tired he was trying to think back to what just happened to him but he couldn't understand where his house that he spent years on went, then it clicked.

"Ohhhh this must be a dream! Huh it feels nothing like the dreams I've had before since i'm not usually this lucid... WAIT IF THIS IS A DREAM THAT MEANS I CAN DO ANYTHING!!"

He couldn't do anything.

"Wait.. so if this isn't a dream does that mean...I died? No there's no way that can be right but if it was, what could've killed me then??"

Thinking back he did remember that in his last moments he was looking at a shooting star which grew bigger and brighter before he died.

"Ah.. maybe someone assassinated me when I was looking at the shooting star..."

But who would want him killed? He didn't have any enemies and had lived an enjoyable quiet life this all didn't make any sense to him and then he realized something.

"No...there's no way I could've died to that shooting star...Right?! I even finished my dream house.. this can't be happening.."

Still in denial he observed his surroundings.

The sun was setting as the grass swayed to the gentle wind and the clouds covering move of the valley below him. It was probably the most majestic scenery he had witnessed.

Blankly looking at the scenery he noticed some text which read,

[Important messages]

System has been activated the following features are unlocked.

- Important messages

- Time since came here

More features will be unlocked through getting stronger and accomplishments also please do not die again.

"Oh... a system.."

"Oh wait, a system?! Aren't those really overpowered? At least I get a system so this isn't all that bad-"

Looking closer at the text he noticed that the system that he got had almost nothing useful to him now unlike the system's in most of the novels he read.

"Hahahaha... I guess luck was really not on my side today huh?.."

He stayed in his position for a while contemplating his past life until it became night.

He didn't feel cold but he could still feel the grass under him.

"At least I don't have to worry about the cold I guess.. thats probably one of the only good things that happened so far. Oh yeah there was a timer that I haven't checked that came with the system. I guess I'll check that out."

You've been here for: 00:00:00:17:29

"Its only been 17 minutes? I thought it was longer.."

Looking at the dark sky he could see a moon but it was a lot bigger than the one on Earth and it barely had any craters on it. He also noticed that there were thousands of bright stars in patterns which he would've never seen on Earth.

"Wow.." He was speechless the night sky was so beautiful he didn't even know that it could be like this.

"Well maybe being here isn't all that bad... I could just build a new house here with the beautiful scenery- wait I forgot, I don't have any limbs.. What am I anyways?"