3 How to be a Mage

The next day I started my training in order to get to the best state where casting magic just becomes my muscle memory and for that I started with the Saitama training routine which I hopefully was able to complete due to my first perk but still left me gasping. I still needed to breakthrough my limit and had a few minutes break.

After that I decided to meditate to get rid of any unnecessary thoughts so I could have a better imagination. The first thing I did after meditating is to understand the concept of mana which I would like to say is really vast.

Mana is just like enzymes, Enzymes are macromolecular catalysts that help in speeding up or favourability of a biological reaction. Similarly mana acts as a catalyst in my case to my imagination that helps me in being able to mold the elements of the cosmos to my will.

I also found that my mana is not infinite, its just that the amount of mana reserve that I have is so large that by the time I expend some mana it naturally recovers through mana recovery that it essentially makes it infinite. Think it this way, you having water directly from the tank by the time you drink say 250 ml of water, 200 ml of water has already been refilled which essentially makes it an endless supply.

I also learned that I could wield simple magic like fireball, earth wall etc, simply through my imagination but for my more complex ones I need to know the theory behind it, for example, in order to caste [Cleanse] I need to imagine the process of how I am soaked in water and hydrophilic particles are used to attract all the dirt and then the use of wind to dry myself.

I also found that the amount of mana is proportional to the amount of power behind the cast, but the cast's power can be amplified even more by concentrating the mana and using it more efficiently. Hence for the first year I mainly concentrated on my mana control and simple beginner spells.

By learning how my magic works, I realized it truly is limited by my imagination, so during the year I also concentrated on my studies both available on this universe and other universes. There truly was no limit to the amount of ideas that I had which were only limited by my knowledge and I was glad about my first quirk or my brain might have short circuited.

By the second year I started working on physical enhancement spells like the spell [Haste] increases the amount of electricity passing through my nerves through a small amount that effectively increase my reflexes, the spell [Strengthen] increases the rate of formation of muscles and lipids by a margin essentially providing more strength. I also started working on spells like [Heal] for which I needed to understand the entire human anatomy for better results, for spell like [Teleportation] and [Dimensional Storage] I needed to understand the concept of space which was by far the most difficult.

By third year I started taking inspirations from animes like Irregular at High School, Misfit of Demon king Academy, Fate's Trace, Overlord, Fairy Tail, Magical Index, In another world with my smartphone and books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson , the list was endless, and the most inspiration was in front of my eyes, the powers of all those Heroes and Villains to get inspiration from. In short it was one of my toughest 6 years.

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Now I was 10 years old and had decided to learn martial arts in able to integrate my magic together with the arts, so the best thing I did was to ask my dad but stopped as He was really busy and I didn't want to occupy our family time with training so I asked him to introduce me to a dojo, and he did introduce me one if not the best one.

Mashirao's Dojo, the same dojo which was owned by Mashirao Ojiro, we quickly became friends. I also met others like Rikido Sato and Yui kodai. My four years there were one of my most hellish trainings. I learned every type of martial arts the dojo had to offer and was fairly easy to process due to my higher intellect. I learned Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Taekwando, Aikido, JiuJitsu, Wingchun, ninjitsu, Military Boxing, shurikenjetsu etc.

For my weapons training I asked my father for couple of kunais and shuriken and custom build dual guns the same as Tatsuya's in Irregular at Magic High School. During these years I was able to replicate famous spells from Overlord, Certain Magical Index, Trace Magic, Harry Potter and even leaf style from Naruto. For now I had stopped learning new spells and getting more used to the spells I currently have in my list . Oh did I forgot to tell that I was able to create expansion magic and apparation magic from Harry Potter to replace replace the problems that I encountered with space magic.

Currently I am working on my mind palace which I have created as a giant planet with all false memories stored outside in a bunker and all the real and secretive memories at the core of my planet. I was currently working on a system similar to the Great Sage that can help me analyze information and a very fast pace and sort my memories according to it's importance and was at the last stage. It is simple I can search memories and analyze them and sort them accordingly but there was no second voice in my head like the Great Sage don't want to develop multiple personalities.

After turning 14, I decided to now take it easy and spend as much time as possible with my family though I still kept doing my daily practice. Usually I would just roam around the town sometime go for a week or two foreign trips and as well critisizing the level of manga in this world. I didn't need to attend school as cleared all high school level classes at the age of 10years .So what I did, I decided to increase the level of entertainment in this world and for that I started releasing songs and Music in different languages from Bruno Mars to Marshmallow to even K-POP and famous Indian, Spanish, and even anime songs of my old world.

Due to the amount of medals and awards under my martial arts and singing I quickly became famous as the Midas of Music and the next Mike Tyson of MA.

Life was good and it became even more great and more beautiful when I met her, the best thing ever happening to me after awakening my quirk.

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