A Mafia's Weakness [Three Fuego Brother' Desires Book1] Book

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A Mafia's Weakness [Three Fuego Brother' Desires Book1]


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[A Mafia's Weakness: Preview] His eyesight follows every Lyka's fearful movements. The more she could feel his gaze, the more her heartbeat seems to resonate inside her chest, either by fear or nervousness. Sighing deeply, trying to calm herself from playing, she took a slight glance at him. She could see how good he is at cards but she never thought he would be that good. She knew her eyes portrays her fear and his confident and lustful eyes beaming with desire werent helping at all in calming her. His shirt was opened, his knees on either side of him while he just sat there confidently filled with mischief. Lyka could see his toned chest glistening under the dim lights of the room. Smirking at Lyka with unreadable eyes beaming with excitement. But Lyka doesn't like giving up without a fight. But she never knew, if she asked him to loose he would gladly do so. She spread her cards on the table that made him smile at her sickeningly sweet, a smile that says somehting dark and sinful. He reared his seat before rubbing the palm of his hands together. His deceptive eyes were staring intently at her. Playing with her with his eyes, he slowly lift hs cards upward. Lyka's face paled and her hopes crashed, supposedly, but it didn't, it's like her mind knew she wouldn't even win at him. But still nervouse and scared of what he might do to her. How could she even win against Yohan Fuego. Lyka who happened to shut her eye soff afraid of his laugh never seems to hear it. Looking up at him, she found him smiling at her devilishly, mixed with maliciousness, "Say," hearts tumbling around around, it's beats resonating louder than drums in her ears, he leaned closer to her across the table. "Which part should I claim?" ----- "Can you still love me now that you know how I am and what I do?" she clasped his hands in hers and leaning her forehead to his. Smiling calmly with relief. She've always waited for him to go to her, to ask her and for once, rely the answers to her. Leaning closer to him before pecking his lipsslowly, she whispered, "your flaws are what completes your charms." Letting his tears fall, he felt the sudden rush of emotions ran trhough him as he pulls her to him. Wanting not to let go even just for a moemnt. In that very moment, he knew it would be a rough road from there bu even so he would gladly go that road because this time, he won't be alone. Pulling a little back, Lyka beamed at him, "I guess I'm the Mafia's weakness huh?" Smiliong once more, he claimed her lips, loving and savoring the moment. "Yeah you certainly are." ----- For love, just how much are you wiling to sacrifice?


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