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A Lustful Gamer In The Multiverse


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This is a fanfic of The Gamer and various anime/video games/comics. I don't own the rights to anything except my OCs Keep in mind before you read this that this is just something I write whenever my Lustful personality likes to take over. Just think of this 'personality' as just Lustimura. -------------------------------------------------------------- So, the MC dies and becomes a Gamer. Normal stuff right? What if the Gamer is Chaotic Neutral in all of his morals? What if he had golems? There will be many what if's and many answers as well. Read to find out more! Also take this with a grain of salt since this is me just mostly writing 'plot' with plot. Keep in mind that I hold nothing back, and anything is possible in this. (Except anything that I personally refuse to write about.) English IS IN FACT My native language, so if you see spelling errors, let me know through comments because I will fix them. Every character depicted in this is over the age of 18+ for all intents and purposes. Hit me up on discord: https://discord.gg/DVcHfMNYF7


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