A Ludicrous Royal Affair Book

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A Ludicrous Royal Affair


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What can you say when you fall in love with your King? What can you say when it feels like you can't help but love them, even though they are married to someone else? And what can you say when he asks you to be his queen and consort... When you are a man.? Nothing. That's what. But a heart want's what a heart wants. Pre-arranged marriages be damned. Royalty be damned. Let's start an affair. A Ludicrous Royal Affair for the ages! 24 yr old Kim Young-Jun isn't ready for his life and duty to intersect at all. But when he accidentally steals the king's clothes, that is exactly what happens. In an inexplicable moment where hearts collide, he commits treason. He steals the new Queens wedding night a feat punishable by beheading. Unless he becomes someone he is not, unless he becomes Queen. But his life is thrown through all sorts of hoops after unintentionally becoming the king's lover. An accident of colossal proportions that sets things in motion he cannot change. Turning his life upside down as he is integrated in a world that is more lies than the truth, and where any step could be your last. Then again, how can he say no to the king? In Love or Death, he is already his.


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