1 Chapter 1 Murder

A deafening crack of thunder filled the atmosphere when I shot once, then twice, then thrice!

Thud! He fell when I shot him the third time in a row on the left side of his torso. Sirens could be heard everywhere but that's not the problem. I have the blueprint of this building and I know my way out of this building without being caught.

Escaping is easy when you do your homework adequately. That's what I have done! I just have ten seconds left before the cameras in this particular room are activated. Entering the pin for the door to open I went fifteen steps to the right then turning left I went ten steps down the stairs then ten steps down to the second flight of stairs. Oh! I have to be meticulous as it's pitch black here. Before doing the job, I cut the power supply from the main switchboard located outside this building.

I have a few seconds left before the cameras on the first floor are activated. I quickly took twenty steps to my left to reach the room where I had kept the window open. That area is the blind spot. Not a single camera is present at the backside of the building. At last, I'm out of this mess; I hear faint footsteps going towards the right side of the building. I take that as a sign to escape through the gate.

Come on! Come on, you can do this!

It was about fifteen meters to the gate from the spot I'm standing on and I barely had enough time. I started running when the emergency lights glowed on the other side of the compound, I ran as fast as I could, the snipers would be appearing at the terrace of the building in no time. My outfit is as black as charcoal, chances of me being caught in this moonless night are low.

I ran through the wet grass; not daring to step on the pavement to leave footprints. As far as I know, the fields around this compound are filled with nothing but grass. No chances of leaving footprints. I ran to my left; after ten mins of continuous jogging at a constant speed, I reached an opening of the sewer. I opened the lid; I got in through the ladder and closed the lid behind me. I switched on the torch and walked carefully to not make a sound, the sewer was eerie, it did not feel inviting.

Anyways, when I passed the fifth lid I knew that I was close to succeeding in this mission. I walked for about eight to nine minutes and reached the sixth lid or my destination. I climbed the stairs and opened the lid. The second I shifted the lid from its place; fresh air seeped in, I sighed.

Thank goodness! I would have puked any minute when I entered the sewer.

I walked to the alley between the two gargantuan skyscrapers. There it is! My motorbike. It was about thirty minutes when the rusty, worn-out building came in view. I could not get in through the front door, if I did I would wake up the landlords, they are an old couple who rented me one room in their house. I wouldn't have disturbed these two best people ever but compulsion makes you do everything. I have been living with these two people for quite some time.

I wish to experience being in a nuclear family, just for one day. I want to know what it feels like to have parents by your side, advise you when you need it, and tell you the right path when you walk astray. I wish.

You see, my father passed away when my twin sister and I were ten years old. My mother married a rich man out of love who is now my stepfather. They did not have kids together so I don't have any half-siblings but wait! I have three step-siblings. My mother passed away when Isabella and I were twelve years old. My stepfather was the best person till then but his behavior towards us changed a lot within a week after my mother's death.

He, later on, married his so-called 'wife' and they had three kids together. Now, I'm almost twenty-eight years old and my sister would also be twenty-eight. Isabella is alive, that's what I got to know from Jaden, today. I had to kill him otherwise he would have informed Briana- my stepmother that I'm alive. That bastard worked for both of my enemies. Every single hard work would have been wasted if I did not kill him. I'm sure he is dead now.

My evil stepmother did a lot of harm to both of us. When Isabella and I were eighteen she sold her to the Volkovs for money. I had heard that the Don wanted Isabella. Briana sold her to them for I don't know how much but it was less than Isabella's worth. I had tried saving Isabella but I couldn't. Briana had shot me when I did not let her go.

She thinks I'm dead but little does she know that I'm still alive and will come back, destroying everything she has built up with the money she had received after selling Isabella. I will turn twenty-eight in exactly nine months from today. Briana might not recognise me when I come in front of her but I still take precautions when I go to her house as a maid every day in the evening.

I sigh as I lay down on my bed thinking about today's events. I had studied the building for months. Drake has helped me a lot throughout these ten years. He had saved me when I was lying lifeless on the cold concrete floor on that day. He was there when I needed him, he gave me shelter, he trained me to fight these people. As he was a bodyguard at that time- he also taught me how to shoot on the target. His friend's son is a guard in the building I just ran from. He provided us with the blueprints, and the location of the cameras throughout the area.

I sigh then make a mental note to call Drake tomorrow first thing in the morning.


The phone rings twice then he picks up the call.

"Hi, Drake!" I greet him once he picks up the call.

"Hello, how did last night go?" He asked while munching on his breakfast. He has grown older and he is in his late forties.

"It went as we planned it. The plan was too good to fail," I said after taking a sip from the scorching hot cup of coffee.

"That's good. Madison, you know that I can't help you further, right?" I sighed and nodded. He calls me Madison- my fake name just to be on the safe side although he knows my real name is Annabella after all he was the one who saved me.

"I know, Drake," I said dejectedly. Drake has kept my existence concealed. Not even his wife knows that I'm Annabella Jones. She thinks that I am Madison Smith. I met his wife when I was twenty years old. Olivia is a sweet lady with an open heart and she welcomed me into their house with a warm gesture. They also have two sons, Benjamin and Cameron. They are younger than me and have always treated me as an elder sister.

Just on queue, Ben walks in and greets me on the phone and I greet him back, cheerfully. Behind him walks in, Ron greets me with a tedious 'hello' and just like before I greet him cheerfully even though I'm not feeling cheerful. I might not be able to meet these four amazing people anytime soon.

We talk about random stuff for about an hour or more then Ben and Ron leave for their classes. As Drake's phone was connected to the tv in their living room so I could see almost the whole living room. It was nice and pleasant talking to them.

After I finish drinking the cup of coffee I walk out of my room to the kitchen and just when I was rinsing the cup and was going to place it on the cup holder I hear something shattering behind me. I bend down a little and take out the machete from the cabin under the sink. I spin around with the machete pointing towards the intruder. I gasp and drop the machete on the wooden floor scratching it.

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