A Lovely Nightmare (An Unforgettable Revenge) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

A Lovely Nightmare (An Unforgettable Revenge)

Charlotte Hudson

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What would you do if you were told that your sister was sold off to a Russian Mafia leader? Would you fight and try to bring her back or just cry over the loss of your sister? What would you do if you find the truth behind the assassination of your father? Would you treat the person you have been obsessed with, with love or hate? Annabella Jones did not have an easy life. Her parents passed away when she was young, her fraternal twin sister was her only family. That was until she was sold to Austin Volkov, the Rissian Mafia leader. She was eighteen and had no idea how the world works. She was treated like a slave in her own house and was shot when she tried saving her sister from being sold. She was dead to the world for ten years. Now, when she is twenty-eight she is back to take revenge from all those who had harmed her and her sister back then with a new identity. Madison Smith. While Austin knows everything. He knows who Madison Smith really is. He just needs to claim her. He had watched her for more than two decades. He was obsessed with her and would do anything to make her his. Now, the real question is will Madison Smith urf Annabella Jones accept Austin as her other better half after what all he has done to her? Will he treat her the way he had planned after knowing the truth behind his father's assassination? To find out, join their journey of love, hate and betrayal!