1 A honest lady with lots of troubles and sorrows in life

Iam gonna write the story of that lady who bear lots of troubles and griefs in her life....

So from the start

A lady with candid heart she was live in her village and had two sisters two was very lazy third the that lady she was very brave and lovely one day her mom say his sister to go to the fields and do some work but she ignored her mother then she told the other child that brave lady immediately accept it because of scolds

Her name was saleema she do everything whatever their say to her but her sisters nageen and shameem

Were very lazy and rude after some years they grow up and married their married them the nageen was married in other village in different cast their brother was very greedy they take the dowry of the sisters and the shameem was married in city and the saleema the brave lady is forcely married to a useless man his name was khuram he used to beat her his mother and sisters empoison him from the first day of marriage one day saleema was slept he take slipper and starts to beating himself he thought that I will take revenge to her for she is not comfortable with him in the midnight he starts shouting oh my god oh my god and everyone wake up and go to upstairs where they both husband and wife live so they came to their room they say what happend he accuse infront of their family that she is beating me but she didn't even know what the matter is khuram was mentally psycho and his mother know that but always defend her and his family his mother give everything to her daughter which was also married their daughter always taunts her she bear alot one day she went to relative house and there was a man he fell love for her and she also

She has four daughters and one son they were very little so she starts thinking to divorce take divorce from khuram and she did it with lots of efforts she hold the hand of asim..

To be continued...

Then asim started care for him and her kids asim takes saleema to another big city with her little baby girl which was 13 year old and lived there someday after some days asim were got rich his family and his sons were aware of that relationship with saleema after the decade asim show his true colors to saleema he blamed her on everything he ask to give the hand of your daughters to my sons but saleema was aware of everything about asim's familiy and there strict rules

She had refused asim since that asim behaviour was not good with saleema

Saleema's son was very intelligent his name was hunain he daily goes library for study he travel on foots he become very clever in studies at the age of 18 he travel to another country for his sisters and mom saleema was very tensed about her son because he love him so much everything was going better after some time asim take saleema to the resort his intension was very evil he take his friend with him and saleema on the resort asim was leaving quietly but saleema understand her intentions because she knows him well he started job in court his profession was advocate he started living luxurious life with his real family he only gives hopes to saleema didn't do anything for her and her family saleema was aged and asim also asim started take drinks and he was mentally being immoral and liar he started beating saleema his daughter's 1st sahir 2nd asiya daughter of saleema 3rd was very innocent like saleema hania and forth was less intelligent than his brother dania

Saleema's daughter and son didn't like asim but they care about her mother after 4, 5 years hunain comes from the other country in that they happily to gather hunain go to their relatives to meet there he fell in love with the girl of his relatives he was very stubborn and independent he fix engagement with the girl and when he come back home hunain told about the engagement to her mother saleema accepted it she fell happy for her son but the thing is that girl mother is the sister of khuram and very cruel hunain's mother explained him everything about what she suffered in that family but he say yeah mom don't make me understand I know everything after she had end that topic one day hunain's fiancy goes to her relatives but her relatives character was not good hunain scolds her to no go there next time but she said they are my relatives I will hunain feels that she has not good character also he broke the engagement..