20 Chapter 20

“So this is a book fair?” I asked as Henri and I walked up to one of the entrances. From the looks of it, the book fair looked like one huge market place. I knew that Monwell Square was a huge piece of grassy open land in the heart of Jefferson’s Bay and many festivals were held here each year but I didn’t expect a book fair to be as big or lively as a festival. It was like a carnival just without all the rides and screams. I did notice a massive dome-like tent in the middle of festival so I was interested to find out what was happening in there.

“Yeah. Have you never been to one?” Henri stopped by a gate then took a card out of his pocket and showed it to a guy blocking the path with a clipboard in his hand.

“Nope. I didn’t even think my book would even get published so this is all new to me.” I honestly replied. Henri got handed a couple of plastic cards tied with thick black strings then handed one to me and were allowed to enter the premises.

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