19 Chapter 19

“Hunter, where are you?” Naomi shouted as she entered my house the Friday afternoon.

“I’m in my room.” My voice wasn’t as loud as hers but I was too distracted by the screen in front of me to care about it. She was bound to find me if she came to me room anyway.

“What are you doing?” Naomi asked when she appeared in the room.

“Replying to emails. Apparently I have fans now.”

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“Oh, I forgot that your book came out last night. How’s it being received?” I heard the rustling of a plastic bag as she took a seat on my bed. She probably went shopping before she came to my house.

“People like it. A few critics said that it was a ‘mediocre attempt at romance’ and an ‘unrealistic love story for a story based on real life events’.” Both of us released a few laughs at that.

“Please don’t correct them.” Naomi told me as we laughed.

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