14 Chapter 14

“You’re hopeless.” Michaela said as she greeted me by the door.

“I’m not that bad.” I defended myself. I nervously walked into the house with a bottle of red wine hoping that I wasn’t intruding on her family’s dinner.

“You ruined a frozen pizza. Who the hell does that?”

“In my defense, ovens are unreasonably complicated.” She rolled her eyes as she released a chuckle. I could feel my nerves deepening the further I stepped into the Andrew’s mansion. I had been coming to the house a lot since Michaela and I started ‘dating’ but I never went further than the front door so this was uncharted territory. I silently followed behind Michaela as we passed the elegant staircase then appeared in an open dining area that had a perfect view of their lusciously green backyard. It was definitely something out of a movie.

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