1 001 “Two years and a half....”

It has been two and a half years since Lin Xin and Lu Ryun had been married. It was a political marriage without any love in it. They respected each other's private lives and never tried to break the boundary they have. One thing is bound to happen but Lu Ryun has never once been the person to be unfilial, Lin Xin on the other hand, she simply wanted to do as she pleases.

There is no love in their vocabulary as they were supposedly raised to be fed by a silver spoon. The Lu family had always been the wealthiest business family while the Lin family held the noblest title of Military family. If you were a children of that family, they would eventually lose their touch of love.

They live on the same roof, room and bed, yet they have never violated any rules that goes against the other. They were neither close nor were they resentful to each. It was a trust and respect that existed between them.

There was a certain instance in which Lin Xin found out that she had been missing out so much from everything. She realised that Lu Ryun should be given freedom to choose whom to marry, although it has never occurred to her before, after two years and a half spent together with him, she knew his good qualities, a dignified gentleman.

She had her doubts as to whether or not he is indeed a man, but a single hidden album is enough to be a proof that he too can love.

"Madame Yang, has Lu Ryun ever been in love?" She asked the head maid as she scanned through the album she encountered for the first time. "I'm not certain with that Mrs. Lu." Madame Yang answered with a smile. It was the first time for her to hear her ask about the Master of the house.

"Then.... is the rumour about him being gay true....?" She hesitated in asking but she blurted it out anyway. As soon as she had said it, the maids and butlers were flabbergasted and chuckled shortly.

They do not wish to tarnish their Master's name but it was indeed doubtful even for them. Lu Ryun had never been too open about himself to others and it was only towards Lan Yu would he open up.

"So it has some truth in it?" Lin Xin softly uttered still engrossed with the album. "No, no, no, that is not the case Mrs. Lu." Madame Yang tried to shake off the bad rumour. Lin Xin smiled at her and closed the album after finishing it. She felt a heavy burden being lifted off from her shoulder.

"Looks like he do have a heart to love. Let me help with the cuisines today." She hurriedly went off not even bothering to get their permission although she does not really have to ask.

She started baking an apple tart and prepared meringue. The cook who had been with them for two years and a half was amazed at her skills in baking. Lin Xin gave a recipe for the cook to follow, it was a special sauce he haven't tasted yet.

It was a day where she did not step out of the regency and even helped out with chores. As soon as she heard the entrance door open, she hurriedly headed to greet Lu Ryun.

"Welcome home!"

She greeted him with all smile around, it was the first time he had seen her smile that brightly. "Is there something going on?" He asked rather awkwardly as he was caught off guard. "Is it bad to greet my husband when he gets home?" Lin Xin retorted back poutingly.

"I'm not used to it.... Suddenly changing behaviour after two years..." He walked towards her and patted her head. It was the first intimate contact ever since they married. "It's refreshing."

"Refreshing...?" Xin'er wondered. "The way you called me 'husband'." Ryun slightly touched her left cheek with his right palm as he smiled and hurriedly went to their room to change.

Lin Xin was left stunned. She felt her cheeks flushed and hot. It's only been a day of the new change yet they are too intimate. She simply wanted to tease the man and yet here she is left with sparks in her heart.

"My little plan backfired.... He seems used to women." She thought to herself and run to the kitchen with her hand clenched tightly on her cloth in the chest area.

In their room, Lu Ryun replayed the moment Lin Xin welcomed him and called him husband in his mind.

"It's about time she finally take notice of me."

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