A Lizard's Journey Through Evolution Book

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A Lizard's Journey Through Evolution


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In one of the darkest swamps in the world, buried in a mound of mud and dirt, lies a clutch of eggs. In this clutch, one egg stands out among the rest. It is larger and its shell is harder than any of the others. What will come from this egg? A new Horror of Darkness, a new Guardian of Nature, a new Hero of Light? --- Hello readers. Within this story, I will have litrpg game elements closer to the tabletop D&D then video games where the stats can become a total of over a hundred. But unlike stats, I will not put a hard limit on leveling which means he can eventually get to level 100 within a decade or three. The stats will be at a maximum of 30 and cannot go into the negatives unless under a status effect. Instead, the character will receive perks, abilities, etc., etc. Also, I will be using reality rules along with fantasy rules. Basically, if MC stabs someone in the throat, unless their species has close to legendary regeneration, they are down for the count and are gonna end up 6 ft. under.