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PG-13 Samaira Kapoor , a girl adopted by a rich family, who at first sight seems like a nobody but is secretly the worlds best hacker, a genius called " Sam". She, as not being the *real* young lady of her family is bullied by everyone else vent by her adopted family and is also considered as a good for nothing. All her precious school memories were ruined because of all the bullying she had to bear ;Especially, because of one guy " Deion Oberoi" , an arrogant guy but a born genius and the future successor of the most successful company, " The Oberoi's Group"! He hates Samaira or so he thinks and because of his mixed he feeling he continues to treat her like a nobody just as the others do! He hates Samaira but is interested in Sam! Regardless of not knowing Sam's real identity and even the gender, he becomes obsessed with her! Deion at end falls in love with the honest, true and strong personality of Samaira and vows to protect her and never let anyone bully her! What would be destined for the “arrogant” and the born genius school hunk and the "useless nerd" who is actually a lady with both brains and beauty! Will Samaira get to know about her real identity?! What would have destiny decided for this lovely couple? Will Samaira open up her heart to Deion! Will Deion be able to make the cold heart of Samaira's warm!? And; Will the Prince Charming come for his Cinderella! Read this story of two people with total different personalities become from "Enemies" to each others "soul's mate"! [Up on Saturday and Friday]


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