A Little Hell Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

A Little Hell


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Jazz never knew pain. Not the pain of heartbreak, or failure, or even a paper cut. Not until giving birth to a child who broke their Utopian mold of perfection. Mankind lives in a world that has evolved beyond death and suffering. When Jazz's baby is born with an exceedingly rare birth defect, doctors urge her to transfer the newborn's consciousness into a new body, free of fault, even if it means losing parts of her soul. But Jazz refuses to alter her child's personality. Feeling rejected, she flees to dimensions of imperfect people and worlds, where zealots have refused the technological advances that created a Utopian world. There she discovers the darkness of their history and the cost of perfection. Jazz knows how to be perfect. It's programmed into her. But she's tired of perfection, and she's ready to bring chaos to the people responsible for suffering they turn their eyes from.


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