1 The begining

one day long ago there was a guy his name was Dylan he was a anime lover he was totaly nuts about anime.But the problem was he lived a life in a harsh country there was not much food nor fresh water but for some unknown reason his country always had money for high teck gear.By geting a very old laptop from his uncle ho also was an anime finatick Dylan discaverd all the amzing anime shows on this laptop. But sadly on day he got sick realy realy sick.By the time he was accepted to by the hospital for treatment it was to late Dylan and his dreams died along side him

Dylan:soooo? is this what it means to be dead and hear i was thinking of going to heavin now I am stuck in a black endles void? Come on! firs the sickness now this realy somebody must realy hate me up stairs

Voice:Be calm child!

Dylan:GREAT!(in a sarcastick voice) now its speaking to me,Why hello who ever you are ,are you stuck here to !

Voice:No I am not I am all you feel and seek I am life it self I brought you here because I feel that you have a strong desire for somthing you want

Dylan:(in Dylans mind:aww yea I hope this is like that books I read where a person gets reincarnated into any world of his choosing)Well there is one thing I realy want

Voice:Then speak it!

Dylan:Well I want three things to choose please(he is trying to make a puppy face)

Voice:speak it

Dylan:First I want to be a pure blooded sayain

second I want I want to keep all my memories and power every time I die

Thirdly every time I die I want to be reincarnated in any universe of my choosing

Voice:I shal give you these things you have asked for

suddenly Dylan felt a strange pain in his body

Voice:You are now a pure blood sayain.Now witch universe do you wish to go Dylan.

Dylan:Mmm?let me see

I know let me relive my life but pleas make sure I am born in a rich family please

Voice:I will grant you this comand Dylan now get ready

A suden burst of light apeard

then Dylan heard sounds that sounded close to a hospital

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