1 This Isn’t How Truck-Kun Usually Does His Job!

Today was gonna be just like any other day for this particular Otaku.

He was gonna get up, do his daily amenities and then go to work.

The same thing he would be doing till the day that he drops dead.

The Otaku sat up in his bed and took a deep breath.

"I have decided, I will no longer be a pathetic existence, I will go to work and demand a promotion or quit. I will ask out that cute female receptionist who sits across from my desk. If that doesn't work, I am finally going to build up the courage to 'talk' with my promiscuous female colleague who 'talks' with everyone in my office. I will finally lose my virginity and rise as a man among-"


Today Truck-Kun decide to change it up, and somehow got onto a military plane. He then went skydiving without a parachute and landed on the poor Otaku who was finally making and change in life. Why did Truck-Kun do this, because variety is the spice of life, plus it's boring to keep running people over.

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"Hello little one."

The Otaku would be an idiot if he didn't realise the current situation.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN! Couldn't you have waited till I left the DAMN HOUSE!"

Otaku was very upset with the ROB.

" I am sorry young one, you were chosen to be reincarnated in another world. I only choose those who aren't attached to life, unfortunately in the infinitesimal possibilities out there, the chances you would find a new resolve in life were impossibly low. It is a shame that Truck-Kun was already free falling and your fate was set in stone. Since this happened to you, I will give you two wishes to help you in the new world."

"What world am I going to?"

"Random, and no you can't wish for a specific world, system or powers."

"Okay then, I wish to be one of the most talented people in nearly all things in my new world. I also wish for an unbreakable will, a will strong enough that I would be able to stand up against people way way way way stronger then me easily."

"Interesting, why did you wish for such things?"

"I don't know which world I'm going to, so my first wish is so that I can be assured that I will be able to survive, same for my second wish, as I am only a lowly Otaku, unbreakable will is the driving force that cultivates talent and it will also help me to survive if the world I'm going to is very cruel."

"Very well, it shall be done, goodbye young one."

And with a a bright flash of light(SOLAR FLARE!) the Otaku disappeared.