1 The Beginning

As light finally begins to enter my eyes

"Where am I" he muttered

"You have passed on." echoes in his head

"So what now." he thinks to himself

"People like yo would normally have their souls disspate over time, but it seems your

presence is needed in Hemelia."

"The only problem is that Hemelia is a higher world so your soul will need assistance from the Soul Growth system, and we'll give your memories from your prior world Earth."

The mans head starts to shake as very soul is convulsing in the pure white dimension

"Ahahahhah P-Please S-Stoop" as he screams his soul begins to dim then begins to go back to its original apperance.

"Ahh Damn that hurt you know" yells Crai

"It was a necessary process now brace your self as I'll begin the implementation of the Growth System"

"Hell No" as Crai says those worda a blu ball of energy propels itself towards him

"Ahhhahh" as he sreams one again in pain he soul once again dims itself this time it stay dim barly alive

"It seams he failed get the next one, I don't know why the boss selected such trash"

Hearing this unable to repond Crai thinks to himself with unbridled rage "If I survive I'll that world as my own and find a way to kill this bastard" as he says he says that a blue game like screen appears


[God Slayer System Available]

Activte [Yes] or [No]

Crai in a frenzy selects yes a fast as humanly possible "My Revenge Begins Now Muuhaha"