1 The Beginning.

Life sucks. But I am ok with that. I was walking down the street after being evicted out of my apartment. I can't blame the landlord no matter how much I want to; he was just living his life trying to make money and I could not pay the rent.

So here I am walking down the main street of New York with no money and all my belonging packed into my bag. Trying to piece together my mighty plan of action of how I am going to get my life on track.

Deciding that I would like to ignore my problems right now, I head to the local park to have a sit-down.

Walking down the street feeling the slight slapping wind on my face, the screams of the city life, and the smell of crap wafting up from the sewer system I realise that life sucks.

Once in the park I go to the closet bench and sit down and try to relax but before I can there is loud dining noise that rings out. I then see a blue text box appear in front of me.

[*Global Announcement* Planet Earth, you are one of the many planets across the galaxy that shall take part in exploring a new world. For this you shall all be given access to a new system which will help you on your new adventures.]

[*Global Announcement* For your adventure you will be transported into a new world of survival of the fittest. Explore, evolve, create, do as you wish with your new chance. Good luck for after five years it will be your permanent world.]

Looking around the park I can see that the family that is opposite me seems to also have gotten the text box and announcement as they seem to be looking around confused. I also note that I can't see other people's text boxes.

[Greetings player, it's time for your great adventure, your information is being gathered for the system, please wait.]

After a few seconds, a new text box appears.

[Please choose your new race]





Well, this was a dilemma. All of them have high future potential but all start relatively weak. They also have a high chance of a variety of evolution, so it seems to come down to personal choice. From what I can think the differences between them will be with goblins being able to have a massive variety of species based upon their surroundings and being able to adapt to that. Humans will be good all-rounders, Kobolt having high potential for strength, Lastly for Lizardmen having high defensive abilities.

After thinking about it for a bit longer I decided to go with the Kobolt mainly for the enhanced senses that they will have to be part animal and because there is a large variety of animals that they should be able to evolve into.

After picking Kobolt a new text screen appeared.

Name: ???

Race: Kobolt

Sex: Male

Rank: G

Class: None

Level: 0/5

Health: 7/7

Stamina: 8/8

Mana: 6/6

STR: 3

VIT: 3

AGI: 4

INT: 2


Magic skills:

> None

Weapon skills:

> None

Personal skills:

> Basic Enhanced Senses (Rank 1: 0/5)


> None

> Basic Enhanced Senses (Rank 1: 0/5)

Enhances the five senses that the body has allowing for greater sound, smell, touch, taste, and eyesight detection.


A furred creature that looks like a mixture of a human and a dog.

After closing the tab, I get a new notification.

[Your status board can be opened at any time and cannot be viewed by others. However, you can look at someone else and identify them. It will then display their Race, Sex, and Rank. The only other time that you can view someone else full status board is if they permit you to see it.]

[You have now created your new self and it is time for your new journey to begin. Seeing how many races and people will not want to completely leave their old lives behind so quickly, for the five years that you remain on your original planet you will be able to switch between each world if you are not in combat or a restricted zone. Once you switch your body will disappear from one world and appear in the other saving yourself from being killed in one. Once you go back to will be in the same spot you left unless that spot no longer exists in which case you will be moved to the closes spot to spawn.]

[Do you wish to start your adventure now]

Well seeing how there is nothing left in this world with both my parents dying in a car crash and my dickhead of an older brother leaving me high and dry on the streets the first chance he could when my parents died.

I might as well start a new life in a new world. My new adventure begins. Maybe this life won't suck.

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