A Journey Through The Worlds
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A Journey Through The Worlds


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What is A Journey Through The Worlds

Read A Journey Through The Worlds novel written by the author reverof on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, adventure, modern. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What will happen if there's a multiverse? what will happen if everything in this multiverse merges one day... Follow the group of Dan in their journey from one Area to another as they grow stronger. And also the interactions between different Areas "worlds" in this one big Earth containing more than 20 different Areas, all with their own points and stories. ~~~~~ This novel is also being released in Royalroad. Please review and add it to your collection.


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hi everyone the writer of the book is here. first this novel will for have grammatical mistakes 'English isn't my mother tongue after all' but i'll do my best to finish this story. and also i usually have problems with my Internet connection, so the release won't be stable, but don't worry when that will happen i will release all the chapters that you owe me together in the same time. so thank you my readers and i wish you give me a review when you have time.


Well in case you are asking about this week releases, I contacted the author, he told me that his computer broke down (its motherboard is dead) so he couldn't post this week and as he is still a student so it will be hard for to get a new one right now!


Writing Quality is barely acceptable. Although, the sentences are smooth, there are many flaws I have found. Some of the situations were described correctly but not that good. Example of this was in the first chapter "said by an old man with a head full of white hair." You described it correctly but it can be better and concise if you make it "said by a white-haired old man. " or "said by an old man with white hair."...another flaw is that you don't put commas and dots, I have spotted many dialogues with those missing in it. I won't list them since it's a bit troublesome, just Re-read it and you'll find it. Stability of Updates is good, not that consistent but acceptable. The long chapters seems to bore me though, I mean like, it's just too long. I feel like the I'm not moving forward. I recommend splitting long chapters to 2 and publish it in different days or just publish one in the morning and one in the night. Story Development is good, quite unique in it's own way. Character Design and World Background is both good, so no complaints there.


Such a Great novel, sadly the author stopped writing :'( Anyway gooood luck in getting a better computer and at least do a release in the nearest time possible


Good work. I really like this way of novel writing. The words, the description does not make the reader to re-read a sentence. I read the first 2 chapters and i will definitely read it more and who knows maybe i will consider donating some SS too :)


I really liked the first 3 chapters (I haven't read more yet) the synopsis is the kind of synopsis that personally make me read a book, so even when I know we are swapping reviews, I read your novel with pleasure. I wish you have more reviews soon, because you deserve it. Keep going!


I love this novel ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Morning, as I promise I will give you a review. I am a slow reader, I like to put my self in the main character position. Dan, he has a lot of memories, I wandered what he will do with it? I like you story line, I can get the ideal you have for the MC. His adventures and who are his friends and Who are his enemies. I would like to read on and see where the story goes. Oh... Yes I love you MC. I wonder if he have any romance along the line? With the girls? Hahaha... Lol. Anyway this is your first novel and it's not bad. I like it. Keep it up!!! You will get better in writing along the ways. Don't worry about spelling and grammar.. you can ask someone for help, after you are done. TQ for the novel. *Wink* + *bow* 😍😍😍😝😝(TT)


Such a great novel but without a good ranking! I really loved this novel I didn't think it will be this great. I will say this to other readers u will really regret not reading this one! thanks author for this amazing work, words alone are not enough to express what I feel after reading ur novel.


the story focuses on too many perspectives that it's hard to follow the and when you introduce new character should always do it slowly and take time to build up a character or build them up fastly if needed for the character but it has to be in a good aty thats true to the story and the writing a little cliche i feel like you should work more on the the worlds the characters are about to enter because it sets a good precedent for the story when you are always trying do the best you can at explaining the world through action rather than words of explanation cause that just bores the audience the people reading it also you should work on your grammar and sentencing if you want a better story but don't go to over the top with it cause that'll ruin the story just make it whatever's right for that moment and time and what feel right for the characters like dan i feel like the perspective should be be more on him and i don't think it's a great idea to over describe someone's race cause wanna give a person a idea of what this that or who this person is but also let them figure it out as the story goes along plus i felt like you should have made it so dan was kinda like slowly developing into a researcher and discovering things he didn't know and what he does know to people which could be a risky move but will work out if planned right the story plus you transition too much in the story between people's point of views which kinda doesn't help


I like this novel but I hate waiting for updates, I hate waiting for updates and again I hate waiting for updates. Continue being creative and post more chapters


Reveal spoiler


This is an amazing novel with very creative plot and story line I recommend this for anyone who likes creativity and got bored of the novels with repetitive plots and storylines And don't get mislead by the first impression that the prologue gives,read at least 3 chapters before u decide whether to continue or stop


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