3 Chapter 2 - Back to childhood

The spring of nineteen ninety-three has come.

A strange, one-year-old baby was admitted to one of the Tokyo shelters.

What's strange about it? Well, firstly, dark skin, which is very rare for this country. Secondly, not being an albino, the baby had snow-white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Thirdly, the eyes that were bright, ruby-colored.

But all this did not prevent him from quickly becoming a favorite of nannies and even helped on the contrary, because the baby was incredibly cute and beautiful, and his unusual appearance only added to his uniqueness. Just by looking at the child's appearance, they understood that a great, great future awaited him.

However, they were not mistaken.

On behalf of the hero

Consciousness instantly cleared.

The first thing I felt was heaviness, lethargy all over my body, as well as terrible hunger. Terrible feelings compared to what I had to experience in that space with God.

How much does it make you sleepy… But no, we need to look around.

Slowly opening my eyes, I realize that I am in a small crib. Through the bars you can see a neat, cozy, albeit a little empty, room.

The room also has a window. Not much can be seen from here, but the sun is clearly visible on the horizon. It looks like it's early morning…

Now, having examined the environment, you can look at yourself.

True, there's not much to see without a mirror, but come on.

Beaten body, bronze color. Abrasions, bruises, scratches, bruises. A great start to this world.

It's quite strange to see myself with such a skin tone. It's like my brain refuses to believe that this body is mine…

Okay, it's time to get some information…

"Jarvis— can you hear me?" I asked mentally, or made an attempt to do so.

— Yes, sir.

"Okay, can you explain where I am and why I feel so bad?" —

— You are in a Tokyo orphanage for toddlers.

- "I see. It's not that bad. And what about the body?" —

— The fact is that until recently it was almost dead. —

- "How is it dead?" —

— The kid, before you moved into him, was thrown in the trash. He could not be noticed for a long time, so he almost died of hunger and cold. —

"And who finally found him?" —

— The employees who came to pick up the garbage. —

"When did this happen?" —

— Yesterday, sir. Today is your first day at the shelter. —

- "Okay. Survived and well. Who just thought of throwing a child in the trash? Who should I be?" —

"I can't tell you who it was, sir. I'm sorry, I have limitations —

"You've helped me a lot, Jarvis, it's okay. But... could you tell me what happened to the baby's soul after I took over the body?" — I asked a little worried. And even though it's silly to worry about it now, I can't do it any other way…

"You don't have to worry about that, sir. He went to be reborn, and to calm you down completely, I will say right away that the fate of the baby was to die in that forgotten trash can, so you should not worry about such trifles.

— That's how. Thanks Jarvis. Now tell me how to activate the system. —

— You need to mentally or aloud say the key of the phrase. Such as Statistics; Skills; Perks. —

— "Thank you Jarvis" —

— Always at your service, sir —

— "Statistics." —


Shiro Yuki

Level 1 - (5)

Prana – 30

Power - 0.1

Dexterity - 0.1

Endurance - 12

Intelligence - 13

Wisdom - 12

- "Ai-I... should this mean something to me? I don't understand whether it's a lot or a little, and also, what is the difference between Wisdom and Intelligence...?" —

Jarvis — I was just about to turn on the training mode. —

Training mode is enabled!

With each level increase, the user is given five points of characteristics.

Using them, you can increase the selected characteristic.

Prana is the physical energy that is found in almost every living being. With its help, you can heal wounds in the body, strengthen the body and much more.

Strength - The characteristic of strength affects the strength of your muscles, thereby being responsible for your load capacity, speed and explosive power.

Dexterity - dexterity statistics are responsible for the overall flexibility and elasticity of the body, as well as for the reaction speed and the nine senses of the body. (Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, thermoception, equibrioception, nociception and proprioception)

Endurance - the endurance parameter is responsible for the overall regeneration of the body, as well as for the supply of physical energy and its replenishment rate.

The intelligence characteristic is responsible for the speed of information processing, the amount of stored energy in the soul and its replenishment rate. (Additionally increases the rapidity of leveling the user level)

Wisdom - the parameter affects the speed of learning, and also improves intuition, will and control of energies. (Additionally increases the speed of skill improvement)

Skills - By engaging in various activities, you can acquire skills. They are pumped through theoretical and practical manipulations.

(NOTE: Skills, unlike perks, are reset at each reincarnation.)

At the moment, the user has no skills.

Abilities - By completing missions or getting achievements, you have the opportunity to purchase a perk that will remain with you permanently.

The Player's body - The User of the system does not regress. All restrictions are removed from the body.

Gamer's Mind - Passively protects the player's mind from all kinds of attacks. Despite the fact that the user experiences all the previous emotions, his state will always be calm and collected. It also protects the player from: insanity, split personality and other mental illnesses.

"Jarvis, I have some questions." —

— I'm listening to you. —

- "Well, let's take it in order. First, how did I get my first and last name?" —

— Your first and last name were given to you already at the shelter, since your past is unknown. —

— "Well, I like it, but what was in the past, let it stay there. Further, I have prana, and it is also said that all living people have it. And all the people in this world, too?" —

— Of course, sir, people in this world have prana. —

"Then how did they not find her?!" —

— Technology is extremely difficult to detect this energy. Perhaps in the future the people of this world will succeed. —

- "I see. Finally, tell me the average characteristics of the people in this world." —

— Ten is the average. Twenty – A little trained, leading a healthy lifestyle. Thirty – Well-trained. Forty is an indicator of an Olympic champion in his category. Fifty is the limit of a person in this world. —

- "Okay, thanks." —

"Always at your service, sir." —

Now that you understand the system, you can distribute the points of characteristics.

After a little reflection, I threw two points in Intelligence and three in Wisdom, thereby bringing both characteristics to fifteen. It will be a great investment.

As soon as the numbers in the statistics changed, in a moment strange sensations flooded my head, my mind. Do I feel like my head has been cooled or something? In addition, thoughts accelerated, and memory became clearer.

Now I was able to remember what I had once forgotten and understand what I was trying to teach…

The logic of my actions is very simple. The more Wisdom and Intelligence, the faster my improvement, pumping goes. And the sooner I develop these parameters, the more exhaust there will be from this.

In addition, something tells me that the "spiritual" characteristics will be the most difficult to pump.

And I think I can improve the physical characteristics myself… At least I hope so.

My thoughts were interrupted by a prolonged groan of unoiled door hinges.

Turning his head in the direction of the sound, he saw a woman of about thirty years old enter the room.

Closing the door behind her, she quietly, calmly approached the crib, as if afraid to scare me.

— How is our baby Shiro? — she said with a kind smile on her face, bending over the crib.

Now that she came closer, I managed to get a better look at her.

Her black hair, gathered in a ponytail, gave off a healthy shine. Big green eyes that look at me with affection, tenderness and kindness. Plump lips of scarlet color. The breast is teardrop-shaped, about the fourth size. Curvy hourglass shape figure…

— "I love anime worlds..." — I thought while contemplating this beauty.

— How cute you are after all. Who just thought of doing this to you. — she spoke softly, tenderly, while gently stroking my head. Very nice if that… Well, if you're interested in knowing.

— Okay, it's time for Shiro to have breakfast, — she said, starting to unbutton her blouse.

- "Is she really..." — I thought breathlessly, not believing in such luck…

The last button gave up under the onslaught of her hands and large breasts of the fourth size, violating some laws of physics, "jumped out", appearing before my "burning" gaze.

— Well, Shiro, it's time to eat. — she said in an affectionate tone, pulling her gentle hands towards me.

- "God... but this is just the beginning… It was worth dying for." —

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