2 who though it would be the same as normal school

Mactarze had finally found all her classrooms and, she saw some students now where allowed to roam and explore places. She was going to her dorm which is for 4 students. She had entered and saw that no one was there she was able to pit which bed she wanted. the beds where medium and had drawers under to put there things. they also had little desks to do there work. She had gotten the bed closer to the window but it had a corner which was shaded by the wall so it wouldn't be as bright.

Matze had been worried she would have a couple of problems but everything seemed fine. There were no problems and she just needed to know how to keep her schedule in order, but it was rather weird she was able to have breakfast at the cafeteria or outside. She also had fighting classes, elemental classes, your desired class , lunch of course and then normal classes. Which she though it wouldn't all fitmin one day. Turns out there day wasn't the same as a normal 24 hour day there was a little bit longer like 30 hours.

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Also in between each class you had 30 minutes to do what you want, or snack on something. Matze then though if she should explore the school grounds, the school was shaped in a square with the cafeteria in the middle. It seemed the dorms where all in the back of the school and the back also had the playground and fighting arena which wasn't that small or big. Also the classrooms where all in the front and so was the office which was in the middle and close to the front door. The cafeteria was in the middle of the school and it was pretty big. And the library was on the side of the school, which seemed endless.

Matze saw that it was begining to darken and so she went to the cafeteria to get some snacks. There she saw a couple of people in some alone on the tables and a few in groups. Matze was nervous since she is very shy and didnt want to attract attention nor be judged, but nobody payed attention. She got her snacks and went to the table that was dark and shaded by the curtains so no one could see her. after she took a bite of her muffin she had seen a couple more student had come and where going to some tables that werent close to others so they wouldn't make noise and disturb others then two twins a boy and a girl who were getting there food, had begun to walk toward her table. matze began to panic in her brain since she was scared

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