1 chapter...1 may or may not be the begining

code name...Mactarze



blood type...(?)




love... (??/??????)





Mactarze was in shock that her strengths and emotions had all been put in a list that looked endless. Some have been blank since they only showed what she thinks is right.

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Mactarze is a middle schooler still and was about to be entering 8th grade. She lived with her family and they had all lived a normal life. She had most of her life planned out and she really didnt want to disappoint her family But then came an opportunity for her to go out in a new place.

She was entering a new world, dimension. Entering a dimension with a school that she didnt know was real. This school allowed every child to go to school and learn. But it had portals where you can go that was close to your home and for only some places on the world.

They could learn anything they could imagine from becoming the smartest, strongest,sucesful, powerful human they could be anything they wanted and magic was no exception you could even become a magical creation with powers.

Mactarze had enrolled to the dream school, where all you desires would become true and you'll become what you wish. But you also had to work for it.

Mactarze was waiting in line for her to be assigned to a dorm, even though there was a lot of students more than she could see, and she was also able to see some of her aquantencess.

"hi, what's your name" a aquantince mactarze had met when her mother would go reunions with her friends "my names bleu" "what's yours..." "I'm mactarze, you know you can call me matze, nice to meet you again" matze had seen bleu before she was, a brunette with brown eyes and long flowing hair that was light, she was skinny and pretty.She was strong, kind but straightforward. "um, soo what would you like to learn here" bleu said " I'm trying to learn about architecture, since its beautiful and many places need homes and space, also some magical little power to pass the time" bleu, smilled at me "what would you like to learn, matze" it took me a while to organize my thoughts and keep things small " I would like to learn about medical training and therapy, probably some veterinary training..." " cool"

They talked some more and then had to depart to their dorms and know there places in the grand school and classrooms.

matze had seen so many classrooms she was getting worried if she would get lost...

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