6 Ch.5 I should work

I really dont want to be on the bad side of others, I dont like being left out.

I went a little to the back, I was always nervous, being judged but i think i was probably just not able to communicate very well with others. but I should forget this it's going to be different here there will be more chances and things to do.

There was another challenge about how you would act to get from danger safely what would you do. but the thing was I'm very weak at this I think I would panic first and them try to calm myself down I'm also not very great at leading others, since I might fail.

i flinched when someone grabbed my shoulder "Heeyy" i turned and saw bleu happy and giving of a nice vibe. " hey your also in this class" I saw she was being a little avoided since they saw her look stronger "yeah, why u lookin so gloomy, feels like someone died in here" \("^")/

(~_~)she was as straight forward as every, felt like a slap of cold water, but she gave of a kind vibe and she is very well liked, not me though I'm not very great with others liking me. But I'm able to become friends with many people since I can sympathize with them, there like me I can get along with anyone if they like me.

Bleu said if I wanted to team up with her and I agreed , the challenge was more to the back of the school and into the darker part of the school grounds, where it seemed to only be a few trees but was covered by mist...and magic, turns out there was a forest with small animals

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Actually they were animals put not like ours they were either made of rocks or Crystal's moved around slowly, while the plant ball shaped ones wrapped themselves and swung around trees. the rock animals seemed to move around rolling or making and moving their parts into limbs, the plant would swing or spring around, kinda scary if you think about it looked like snakes or a small spikey ball that is painful if hit with. It hurts...A lot

The twins seemed to appear out of no where and made flinch, they both wanted to join and bleu was very kind so she agreed. I was comfortable since I knew her and the twins.

So, we were positioned like were were trapped and cornered and every 2 minutes the plant rock animals, which looked a whole lot more different, look more darker and slightly dead...would come at least a foot closer. And they were at least a head taller...Fudge

And that was enough for me for my brain to panic and my body freeze.