5 ch.4 I need rest

I was tired and I needed some rest, after we finished with lunch we had to lower it down and do our fighting classes. our fighting classes were located at the fighting grounds at the back of the school and was shaded by trees. I wasn't great at fighting and I saw that many werent also, some who did fighting in there clubs or knew how to fight were better but it was hard. My teachers name was Mr. C and he was young and he was half snake and half cat but it didnt show since he turned himself into a human.

turns out they can either shape shift or use some type of magic to change themselves

frik I'm so damn tired who thought it was normal for students to be able to beat a human animal. why am I so weak oh well just got to get this over with

The teacher had wanted to see our strength and see if we could push a rock that slides and there he could what our brute strength and I suppose capabilities reached.

secondly we had do some other type of pushing, you pick a partner and try to push each other from a small stand. it would see how agile and strong you are. my partner was a few inches taller than me his hair is black and his name is Acer

there was around five little stands and we went to one and there Mr.C would be able to look at us

I feel like I'm about to fall I look and see Acer was using his arms more than his legs cause if he leaned backwards of forward he would fall of, if I leaned a little I would be able to balance somewhat. I decided i would be able to use both my hands and feet with some balance

Acer ended up losing balance and falling sideways. I felt calm happy, I noticed how many people looked and saw that it was becoming into groups of strength I saw the most bigger stronger people were grouped and the weaker were in there own group, and now that she saw less nervously, they were looking and judging, seeing who was stronger than the other...but there were also some where there was both strong and weak. those looked happier

it showed how even here were things are different nd look a little more fun you're still judged, I felt like I was falling in a deep hole, I really dont want to be on the bad side of others, I dont like being left out.

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