4 Ch.3 Hard classes

She was still unfamiliar with why the portals had appeared and allowed them to attend this new school.

The next day she woke up and went to the bathroom, she changed and saw that Layla and Damen were also getting up. She felt groggy but had to stay awake or she would be late.

The first class she was with her roommates and a few others who were in her floor.

She was learning mostly what they were doing and then they would teach us what we would normally be taught at normal schools. The teacher introduced herself and said her name was Ms. val and she was half human and deer. I wanted to question that but didnt want to be rude. most of us were bored but I didnt want to get in trouble. She kept on teaching until it was our next class. And I found out the teachers move and not the students. Only when they were our elemental and fighting classes which would happen a little bit later.

She then got in math... her most dreaded subject she was never great at math, and even if she tried to study she would have to keep doing it for a while till she got the hang of it.

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She also learned that she had to kind of start over this grade...even if she was going to the next grade in the real world. She would probably have to stay in school for a few more years, since its anew world and we should get familiar with what they do and how we will also help.

matze mostly daydreamed and wondered how people are getting along with these portals and new creatures that are similar to humans...most of them. matze began to feel hungry and didnt want to worry to much so she just listened and tried to note and remember what she is being taught.

it was finally lunch, and matze was nervous she still hadn't found any people she could be with, but so did the rest of the students at school. And it was pretty awkward, but when she had gotten her lunch she saw the twins, where she met them yesterday. They called her over and she tensed since a few people looked her way. She hurried and sat down with them, "hi...guys, what did you guys get" "baloney sandwich" matze saw that Oliver had a baloney sandwich and petunia had a chicken with rice. And she had noodles she thought it was weird since they had completely different foods. But she thought...Food Is Food... "ok, welp let's eat"

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