3 ch 2 twins

matze began to panic in her brain since she was scared. They went up to her. "hello.. we would like to sit here please... since it seems it's the only place were you wouldn't be noticed and it's much more quieter than the other side of the lunchroom" matze wasn't sure if she wanted company since she doesn't feel comfortable with crowds much less new people, and was shocked some people actually noticed this small table. They dont seem bad they look nice she thought why not ..."um, sure I dont mind...go ahead". "thank you, also our code names are cani and feli, we prefer to be called our real names Oliver and petunia

AN//////these names were taken from a book I've read...//////

They talked about what they like and where there from, turns out they moved from Chicago to Pennsylvania, there family was wealthy. They were also actually very nice just not very social like me. And Oliver wanted to be a lawyer while petunia wanted to be a writer. They talked for a while until it was time to go back to there dorms.

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But just before she was about to leave they asked if she could be there friend she. she said of course, and Oliver then pulled out a small orb the size of an eye, matze was baffled and fascinated, Oliver had told her that if you checked at the side of yours drawers in your dorm you would have one.

But it seemed not many people had noticed this. Turns out you can talk to others with this small orb, matze was more fascinated since that was pretty cool bit here it seemed like a normal school for some time but they had there magical creations and objects . Oliver then asked for her code name and said she would receive the invitation when she finds the orb. She left and went back tor her dorm. But took some time since the cafeteria and the dorms were a little far apart.

When she got there she finally saw her roommates another girl and two boys.

They saw her and introduced themselves, the girl was tall, black hair and hazel eyes code name was snow and her name was Layla, the first boy small, freckled, black hair, black eyes was raven and his name was Aaron And lastly a tall kid with ashy hair and amber eyes. who's name was Damian

They all seemed nice and kind, but a little uncomfortable since they still needed some time to get to know each other.

matze had almost forgotten her little orb and said it they wanted all to be in a group, they looked stunned but matze explained to them that they were for communication. They agreed and then they had to go to sleep since tomorrow they would have to go to there classes.

Matze stayed up for a while, she was remembering how she used to always stay up late and be in her tablet and read. She wondered if it would be safe here, even if she was in a school. She still unfamiliar with why the portals had appeared and allowed them to attend this new school.

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