1 Chapter 1

Since he was 3 years old Hunter heard a couple of voices, they always helped him in moments of indecision, doubt, help and more, if it weren't for these voices he wouldn't even be good at math or learn the fighting styles of the Imperial Guard

They made Hunter the young Prince he is now, an educated young man and a master in the art of [Hedonistic Demon Spear]

Hunter has never been a genius when it comes to pen and paper, he is not a warrior prodigy capable of mastering a variety of fighting styles.

He's just an ordinary boy, with ordinary skills, he wouldn't be revered for amazing feats or mocked for stupid feats that even a monkey wouldn't do.

That would be his life if he were not the heir to the throne of the [Graham empire], the most powerful empire in [North Heru]

His common aptitude would be a laughing stock as as the eldest prince and heir to the throne he had to be exceptional and a genius of a generation otherwise he lacked what it takes to be an emperor who would maintain the Graham empire standing

He wasn't anything special, but his brother Nathan was different as Nathan started talking earlier than Hunter he already mastered the sword perfectly and was a super gifted one who learned school subjects in the first explanation

He was the son that every father wanted to have, he would be superior to Hunter by an incalculable distance, he would be

Hunter even being mediocre, had the voices helping him

The man helped him in training with the imperial commander and thanks to the male voice, Hunter soon discovered that he had aptitude with the spear and the halberd thus saving Hunter from practicing years of the art of the sword in which he was simply horrible to discover after his skill with the spear was so terrifying that the voice itself praised him as a genius on the spear.

Nathan, unlike hunter, was a genius in the art of the sword and mastered it as if it were an extension of himself

Nathan and hunter were brothers 2 years apart and always fought each other

From 10,871 fights

Hunter won 10,800 of them

The same was with studies, Hunter always got higher grades than nathan

But even with the hunter's superiority in feats

Nathan was superior to him with natural talent

These 2 brothers who were the same if not for height or age

always competed with each other

But they both had different goals

As a hunter, he wanted to explore the world and be a mighty warrior to protect the Graham empire from enemy kingdoms.

Nathan wanted the throne of the Graham empire and he wanted power and glory, his ambitions were so huge that he wanted to dominate everything [Heru]

His ambitions were at once praised by his father and elders of the empire.

But there were those who didn't agree

His decision was criticized by the male and female voice in Hunter's mind.

The female voice was called Margaret and was responsible for helping Hunter with his studies, she was a high-level teacher and every one of the classes that the imperial teachers gave to Hunter, she bore as if she had studied it for decades and dominated the subject at frightening speed, hunter was sure this woman's genius was beyond Nathan by incalculable levels.

Her grades were perfect because of her private lessons, which she always taught in the late afternoon, and when spear drills were over, hunter would listen to the lecture on the subject that the teachers gave him.

Margaret criticized Nathan's reckless way of wanting to dominate an entire region as gigantic as [Heru] that according to Margaret and Loras the male voice was said to be as big as the continents of their past lives

Loras was the voice that helped him in military training and who discovered his talent with the spear and halberd, Loras helped him by studying the fighting styles and spear technique manuals of the empire, pointing out the errors and openings of the spear techniques that the imperial commander could hunter study and dominate

Thanks to Loras, Hunter skills with the Spear have reached the level of a 12-year-old Imperial Guard Lieutenant.

With this mastery of the spear art, he received the most powerful spear technique in the Graham empire, the [Hedonistic Demon Spear] technique

A technique of Divine level, which when completely mastered the user would face a battalion of 100 men as if they were poorly trained novices.

Loras criticized Nathan because with his fights with Hunter, Loras realized that even though hunter had won many times and asked very few times, Nathan learned nothing from his mistakes and always repeated the same mistake, the same opening and the same blind trust with the false Hunter openings

He was an arrogant genius who liked to play with prey, he was according to Loras himself: "a cat that plays and tortures its prey and when it reaches its climax of sadistic joy, leaves obvious openings for it to become prey of your hunting"

But even with the rivalry and different ambitions of both brothers, they had something in common.

the eternal hatred for the father

The Current Emperor of the Graham Empire: Adrian Graham

A dictator who benefited the Nobles and punished the kingdom's poor

The current Graham empire was huge, as big as a continent.

It is a country rich in fauna and flora, known as [fragment of Eden] by foreigners

It was a beautiful empire, but corruption and cancer Noble were killing this beautiful empire little by little, Adrian Graham was an egocentric and cruel man

He didn't care about anyone below him, even his children he was a horrible father

Always blaming the 2 for the death of "the cutest body slut I've ever tasted" ie their mother

When hunter was born, the pregnancy damaged the body of Talia, hunter's mother.

Doctors advised the king to let Talia rest for a few years as the damage was enormous to her body and it would take time for her to recover.

But the emperor didn't care about the doctors

On hunter's 2nd birthday

The emperor raped Talia and impregnated her again

Talia's last 9 months were the worst days of her life, with the pregnancy the doctors wanted to abort nathan still in her womb

The pregnancy was very high risk and Talia only had 2 options

Doctors killed Nathan and removed Talia's fetus and she survived


Nathan lives and she dies

Talia chose Nathan

Because she knew that Adrian would **** her again and the next time she would not reach the first month of pregnancy

She didn't want hunter to live alone with the father who would blame him for her death

She spent 9 months of endless pain

When the child was born, she named it nathan

She said it was a name she thought was beautiful

But actually it was the name of the man she really loved

Nathan Redfield or commander of the Graham Empire's Imperial Guard

They were lovers before she forcibly married Adrian

She died with a smile knowing that hunter would not be alone against the monster that was her father

Only Hunter knows this story as Redfield told him and the voices confirmed that when Talia was Viva

She never smiled around Adrian and when it was in the morning she always cried because Adrian raped her and beat her

After that day, something awoke in Hunter, a willpower as big and strong as a mountain.

His aim was to get revenge on his father and free the Graham empire from the dirty hands of him and the Nobles

Redfield saw that willpower in Hunter's eyes and he was happy that the chances of him taking over his father's empire and improving the kingdom were great.

But after that day, something changed in the hunter's training routine, he became more demonic in his attacks and murderous intent was seen in his eyes now as cold as an icy abyss

Something had awakened along with Hunter's willpower, something dangerous that even the voices found frightening.

At the time Redfield told Hunter everything, he was only 6 years old, but he already had the murderous intent of a mid-ranking soldier.

Redfield seeing that it was too dangerous for Hunter, decided to soften his training and remove that murderous intention somehow

But he didn't when he realized that along with that powerful killer intent, his training and learning speed had multiplied to frightening levels.

From that day onwards, Redfield shortened the term of his plans

The military coup of the Graham empire began, and the representative would be the prince of the empire: Hunter Graham

Time ran its course and then it was day

The most anticipated day by the commander, the day Hunter would be baptized in pure karma and then become a warrior of the path of battle Karma

That would be the day Graham would leave the Graham empire and then begin his military career.


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