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a hedonistic will


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"Demons were once angels, as beautiful as crystal, murderers were once innocent children who were changed over time and by the evil inflicted on the heart,there is no good or bad, there are choices, choices, only Choices, no Choices, good or bad, only the ones we decide to take, only you decide,was your choice good or bad?" "I say so, my Choices were so fucking good sitting on the top of the highest hill, a young man says these same words, while beheading a dirty and weak old man =============================================== Goodness and badness are concepts created to catalog the choices made by living beings, from these concepts the idea of ​​Karma was created, Karma is an energy created by our choices,whether they are good or bad, a certain type of karma will be created, well...according to humans this is karma, they wouldn't be so wrong,karma is actually done by our willpower, whatever it is, as long as it's strong and has a goal in mind,the karma will be drawn to you, the stronger this will power, the greater the karma drawn Loras kryon had the desire to become strong, as strong as a demon god, so the people he loves wouldn't suffer and he couldn't do anything to help them and he was strong to the end,but he could not fight against time and its cruel passage, he died old in fear that after his death his loved ones would suffer Margaret Tal wanted to help weak people by empowering them, she studied and became a renowned scientist, she studied the human brain and managed to break the chains that bound us to 10%,10% of brain capacity,she brought humanity to an era where there was no inequality and humans lived free and equal,humanity became prosperous and dreamed of the chance to spread humanity across the galaxy,but unfortunately she can't see it, the time to unlock it was punishing,she can't see her work spread across the land and humans step into peace, an eternal peace,she died in fear that other humans with evil intentions would deprive her work of a life and humanity would enter an era of eternal inequality. both died, scared and with their goals unfulfilled, but something gives them a chance,in a strange world, different from their worlds, they wake up with their souls tethered to a boy, a boy with green hair,the only thing they knew was that their dreams and goals could now be fulfilled, by this boy,this boy who inside hid a will as strong as that of a God, they had hope of finally not being afraid anymore, well...that's what they thought,but they didn't know that inside their divine will power hid a demonic Hedonism