1 Chapter 1 gift from the laughing god

In a place of nothingness, was a young man's soul with a burnt beard sat in a spot looking at the Glowing man that looked like he was about to die from laughing so much.



In an amused tone, the glowing man stated.

"You human's always come up with INTERESTING ways to entertain us! unlike the man that died from stepping on his beard and breaking his own neck, you took it another level~ by burning your long beard as you were cooking before trying to put it out, only to knock yourself out with a fucking pan, then, since you were so close to an open window, your stumbling body fell a floor down falling on to the couch underneath BOUNCED off of the damned thing THEN broke your neck upon landing on the ground!"

The glowing man returned to his boisterous laughter as he raised his voice still full of amusement.(imagine Ikkaku's way of laughing when Ichigo was fighting Zaraki)


The young man with a burnt beard and tilted neck simply stared at the glowing man that was rolling on the ground still fully enjoying this.

it went on for 10 more minutes before he finally stopped glowing man was wiping his tears as he caught his breath before assuming a budda's look of serenity as he now spoke in a calm yet forced tone while trying to hold back slipping laughter as the scene of the way this hitman died was just too amusing to this glowing person.

"William Strong, for your feats and 'accomplishments' in life, I will grant you a wish of your choice, however, you will be sent to another world upon doing so."

A random yet muffled chuckle still escaped the glowing man every now and then but William silently thought of the choices to make, he wanted to enjoy life in peace at the same time, and he wanted to be given a chance to grow his own army.

He asked the glowing man with his face twitching in annoyance.

"Who are you exactly?"

"Just call me glowing man since you see me as such now back to the wish-making as you'll disappear if you stay too long~"

"While I think I know what I want, may I ask what world are you sending me to?"

The glowing man smiled at the question and then replied

"Nowhere too hard for you, a world where cultivation does exist and it is something that I took a liking to a world where women are the powerful ones and the men are the weaker ones."

The glowing man cocked an eyebrow while understanding the next question William asked.

"What will my background be, age, funds, and location?"

Looking like a child that had his fun spoiled the glowing man replied thickly with reluctance.

"Fine... you'll be an orphan, age fifteen, with a regular cafe shop that you received from your late adoptive father, in a place mostly occupied by eastern cultivators."

William nodded at this as he wanted a quiet life alone as thanks to his job not only was he anti-social but at the same time couldn't stand people one of the reason's why he did so well, as well as the reason why he chose this specific wish.

"I want to have an ability that integrates WAMI into my being, where I need to compress the mana or spirit pools to make it grow and not need to 'reincarnate' to break my limit!"

While the choice was very powerful The glowing man asked him this while stating the consequences.

"Are you sure? by choosing this not only will you live a VERY long life and I mean longer than any of the strongest cultivators if given the chance. but you will also be forced to complete some tasks from the local and foreign gods in place of those 'challenges'. so I ask again are you truly sure of this wish?"

William shrugged as he replied in a carefree manner.

"At least I won't get bored."

The glowing man moved to William as two fingers touched his forehead as he proclaimed.

"Then by my will, you are now the master of this gift!"

William slowly disintegrated as he said.

"thank you."

but the amused smile returned on the glowing man's face as he stated at the end.

"Don't thank me too soon as I'll be watching every adventure and the silly moments that you'll have thanks to this wish of yours~"

That was not a pleasant reminder!

But William had already disappeared from the place before he could say anything.


William woke up in a soft queen size bed, that smelled of lavender, the room wasn't too big or small, a desk to his left with a laptop on top, a wheeled chair, and to his right was a brown dresser, he noticed that his beard was gone when tried grabbing it an old habit to help him think and calm himself.

After getting up from the bed he noticed that his body was somewhat average again like the time before William became a hitman, but now that he was thinking about it he wondered to himself.

"how do I open my favorite ga-"

the mere thought about it showed a screen, with a spell list and his current stats.

250 hp

100 offense

50 defense

It was simple yet awesome for William as he always dreamed of getting something like this to enjoy life more.

The best part about it was all of the spells were available to him!

They were all at level 0 there was no limit to him making them grow with it being the only way to make himself stronger.

He looked at the top left screen to check his mana per 25 seconds, he didn't have the 1 million mana cap that you usually start with by 2 mana per 25 seconds felt so long for someone that even dreamed of this situation.

As for his current mana cap, it was 1000.

But he was about to relax since it was 25 seconds before he can fuel his first spell, as his mind wandered, a prompt asked if he wanted to attach a copy to his home, It was even labeled as floor 1 of ???.

Once he nodded, something left his body and then connected him to his house.

it was a strange feeling but nonetheless, it felt good after taking a few deep breaths.

William examined the available spells.

Starting offense spells

magic missile + 10

fire bolt + 200

lightning bolt + 3000

poison cloud + 90000

ice lance + 1000000

sleep + 25000000

firewall + 5000000000

phantom soldiers + 1000000000000

animated blades + 75000000000000

suffocation + 900000000000000

summon dragon + 150000000000000000

Starting defense spells

Blur + 10

gust of wind + 200

Stone skin + 3000

blink + 90000

icewall + 1000000

flame shield + 25000000

fear + 5000000000

confusion + 1000000000000

animated shields + 75000000000000

paralysis + 900000000000000

charm + 150000000000000000

For every level, the number after the plus sign was how much it can strengthen him!

A feeling of freshness passed through his body making him remember what he was waiting for...


So like an excited child with a new toy, he immediately put the mana into a magic missile but since it was only two points William felt like something was being added to his mind as a blurry circle began to form in his mind.

But thanks to the lack of mana, and knowledge about this he could only guess.

"a magic circle?"

With no one there to help support his claim, he could only wait for a whole hour at this rate to finally get some answers since that was the count down for the first level to be completed!

He also remembered mana power where this can help speed things up but as he is now, William only had a meager 1 point at this part so far so he had to wait, but that refreshing feeling happened again as he remembered every 25 seconds.

Haha, with how excited he was about this, there were so many things that simply slipped his mind, as his copy that was connected to the house already collected 10 exp and 30 copper coins this was a bizarre change as it was supposed to be gold, not copper.

Well, the experience was a welcome addition as he needed 90 more to add 1 to his personal abilities, mana cap, mana recovery, and mana power via the experience tab.

if the experience option was available just like in the game, then things might move along much faster.

But first, he was hungry, so after adding the extra two points to the blur spell to allowing to passively grow both in offense and defense, William got dressed before heading down.

Thanks to his focus being so much on the 'gift,' it made him forget one problem when the glowing man gave him what he wanted that wasn't part of the wish...

But something else entirely!

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