A Guide To Raising Husbandos Book

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A Guide To Raising Husbandos


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A Guide to Raising Husbandos 1.Pick up your abandon or injured protagonist, villain or extremely handsome side character 2.Be sure to water them daily and provide shade and nutrients (Food, Water, Shelter) 3. Be strict yet kind to them(Be a tough cookie on the outside and softie on the inside) 4. Make your disciples fall in love with you . . . MC: Wait what! This is not how this Stallion Novel I created is supposed to go. System what is happening. Host: An error seems to have occurred in my calculation host Protagonist: Master didn't you say you'll stay with this filial disciple forever MC: This Laozi said no such thing Villain: You are mine, now and forever. You are the gift sent to me after all the hardships I've faced. Side Character: Shizun obviously belongs to me. That much was quite obvious. Now where were we, let's got to the bed~ MC & System: QQ


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