3 || Chapter 3 || White and Silver

While walking for some time, he began to sort out his memories. He still could not believe every unnatural event, happening to him.

Corhan is the name of the world he is currently residing. Races and beings who were thought to be fictitious were unbelievably existing in this strange world. Elves and mystical creatures reside in the lush forests, Beastmen with their own civilization, and rare mythical creatures with their own territories.

The Maeruthans, are known as humans who possess elemental abilities with the use of their mana. However, Only 40 percent of the human race are known to be Maeruthan. Predominantly, those who have noble blood are Maeruthans. The bright color of their eyes indicates their elemental abilities.

In the cold regions of the kingdom of Aurona, reside the Fraunces Family. An Aristocratic family with pure Maeruthan blood and striking bright grey eyes. They possess the ability of Cyrokenises ( The ability of ice and snow).

Moulin's eyebrow twitched. His hand put a bit of pressure on the wall as he continued walking. This world is too good to be true.

Moulin Sill Fraunces was the owner of the vessel he was currently in. The sickly youngest son of the noble Fraunces Family.

Moulin Sill had a weak physique and in addition to being the baby of the family, He was most doted on. What countered his pale, precious, and innocent appearance was his sharply indecent tongue, arrogant personality, and impious taste of lavishness. He had a severe distaste of anything plain and unadorned. Because of this he slowly earned the disdain of his two elder brothers against him.

The beginning of his misfortune started when he lusted over the young master of a renowned noble household, Quade, the heir of the Accrius family.

A simple act of kindness made Moulin decidedly obsessed with Quade to the point of sabotaging his engagement ceremony. The big commotion made the Fraunces family lose face in front of hundreds of highborn. On one hand, Quade and the young fiancee of his eased the situation with a show of profound love.

The young Moulin became subjected to the voices of rebuke and ridicule. How arrogant of him as someone of noble blood, to not inherit his family's symbolic ability and bearing a spoiled and unruly character, dare think can have what he desired with a snap of his fingers. How Humorous! Afterward, the rumors of the youngest son of the Fraunces Family was known for being vicious and conceited.

The head of the Fraunces household and the father of Moulin was enraged. The anger of his brothers was no less. His father exiled him to the abandoned Lazuline Manor in the northern regions. However, for the sake of his wife who loved Moulin despite the situation, Moulin will be banished there just until the situation dies down.

Unfortunately, The carriage followed a short cut through the freezing mountains and encountered thieves. They attacked the carriage and escorts, murdering every single person who was breathing. Moulin managed to escape the slaughter, dashing through frosty winds and deep snow in the woods.

He hid inside a glacier cave, more precisely a hollowed part of an icy mountain, and stayed there ever since. Moulin was frail and had no idea about surviving. Living his life of comfort and wealth made him very ignorant of the dangers of nature. He died after a few days of hunger and the cold.

The frosty breeze brushes Moulin's face. Finally, he stood at the exit of the cave. As he closed his eyes, he pitied the original owner of the body a little bit. In truth, he was just a naive little youth.

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The original had fallen so hard for this 'Quade' guy that he can't even realize that the person had been using his affections to garner attention. He spread the news that this young master from the Fraunces Family had been stalking him and obsessing over him. That hypocrite had been faking in front of Moulin, flirting with him and smiling smugly as soon as he turned his back. Worse of all, he had been using Moulin so that his fiancee and her family would pay more attention to him.

Although Moulin Sill Fraunces was spoiled and extravagant, He was naively shy inside. Noticing that his brothers were alienating him, he became more inclined to earn their praise and affection as they had before by secretly making tiny trinkets for them but he never had the chance to give it. Instead, he hid it beside his bed hesitantly.

When his father punished him, he never whined and cried because he knew what he did was wrong. Out of guilt, he had written a small letter to his father and was too ashamed to give it to him in person so he asked a servant to do it after he left for Lazuline Manor.

Everyone had thought wrongly about him

This young master was still a little boy in heart. He wasn't vicious only a bit mischievous. He too had many regrets in his heart. Even out of all the jewelry Moulin Sill had, what he never took off was his mother's sapphire necklace, absolutely old and plain.

Moulin sighed pitifully. He looked down on his chest and touched the sapphire necklace around his neck. You were actually so stupidly naive and shy acting to be so tough and your family doesn't even know that.

The sun had just risen and the sky seemed like a splash of orange and purple creating a beautiful gradient. Moulin exhaled at the breathtaking frozen mirror-like lake that had reflected the sky. Gorgeous snowy mountains and snow-covered tall trees surrounded the frozen lake an enchanted painting. Suprisingly, he still could not believe he had actually transmigrated.

A cold breeze danced around him but the cold never bothered him. He thought hard, not taking a step out of the ice cave. The original owner was pitiful and touched somewhere deep inside Moulin. He closes his eyes and said a little prayer for him to the heavens.

A snowflake fell on his nose and melted on his pale skin. If he is now the owner of this body then he will live his life to the fullest, unlike the original if he would ever encounter that scumbag Quade he'd greet him with a nice kick to the genitals. A little revenge wouldn't hurt.

Moulin smiled as he took a step out of the cave. Let the past be a reminder of his stupidity and the motivation to live a bright new future.

The snow fell gently from the skies like tiny falling stars. Moulin walked to the shore of the frozen lake and peeked at his reflection. All along he had not paid attention to his white long wavy hair. The silverish white hair fell down his waist with bits of snow decorating it. The frozen lake couldn't really show all of his appearances clearly but what was undeniably noticeable was his pair of silver eyes. These striking silver pupils could hook one's soul off guard.

Moulin didn't actually like being too attractive but this face...he could not bring himself to hate it. However, In the memories, he recalled that Moulin originally had grey ash brown hair like his mother and his father's deep grey eyes. What exactly caused this great transformation? Before he could think of any clues a loud noise grumbled. Moulin stiffened and sighed pitifully.

Moulin hugged his starving stomach, frowning.

Of course...

First, he has to fill his stomach before everything else.

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