A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)
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A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)


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What is A Girl In All Boys School (Editing)

A Girl In All Boys School (Editing) is a popular web novel written by the author Olivia_12, covering ROMANCE, TEEN, LOVE TRIANGLE, COMEDY, MODERN, COOL FEMALE LEAD, BOYS, REALISTIC, DRAMA, ACTION, Teen genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.57/5 and 52 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 98 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


CeCe was clever, beautiful and free minded girl but she wasn't able to score good and used to agitate her teachers a lot, she also many times became target of male teachers. When she got kicked out of school for the 7th time, her mum had no choice but to leave her school problems in CeCe's dad hands. CeCe thought it was going to be okay as she can get enrolled herself in another school, but then she finds out that her dad is a headmaster of boy's school and her father wants her to get enrolled in that school! She thought this won't be a good idea. What if she creates a mess again and her dad gets forced to expel her from the school? What if she isn't able to adjust there? What if she doesn't score well there too? But she has no choice...but to study there until she scores high grades. If she accomplishes to score high grades then her father will listen to her and will enroll her in school of her choice! But with boys everywhere, will she be able to concentrate and score good marks? Will she be able to erase her mischievous personality and become nerd? Specially when a certain somebody changes her completely in a way she never expected. **I don't own the cover, cover belongs to Inkstone Webnovel** Please enjoy and support me till the end! Hope all dear readers love my work. Thank you (〃^▽^〃) Uploading status: 2-3 chapters daily.

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To be honest.... I randomly picked this book... But after reading it I found it interesting..... I like female character....I like to say..... Whosoever is reading my review... Plz go through this book.. U gone enjoy it 🤗🤗🤗....looking forward for more chapters... At least 4 chapters a day (If possible) 😁😁🤗


I love your story it has been a great inspiration to me as a young 13 year old black girl from Africa I have realised that reading is more enjoyable when you read good works by good authors the story was like a clear movie in my imagination and I am the type that loves watching interesting movies this book proved my theory wrong that reading is only to pass exams but I have found myself reading because of the joy that I have gotten from it Thank you so much wonderful Author from your favourite reader Judith 👍😊😀😅😁😅😅


Oh my god, I absolutely love this novel! It's actually the first one i have read on W.N. I would love for it to be finished. As for suggestions, i love your style of writing and i honestly dont want to ruin it with my writing style.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


It's a nice and lovely book though,Enjoyed every part of it. Waiting for the rest can't wait to see what becomes of each and every one of them. Keep it up. Though quiet wierd at first but later captivating couldn't keep my eyes off the book all through thumbs up for the author


Nice work author! Pls pls pls upload more chapters, I really am curious about further chapters. I rate this novel 5 stars as I think it deserves 5 stars! This is a good **** novel, if anyone reads my review, please give this novel a chance!! Love you author! 😁😀🤗


I love it but why do I need 140 letters to post??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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It is are really nice book the author is doing a good job writing. I hope they keep writing this story cause it is interesting. I love the book


This Novel is honestly the best novel I have ever read. It made me emotional, gave me satisfaction, and it taught me a few lessons, which, let me tell you, I thought I would never learn, let alone from a novel. It's very rare that i Learn a life lesson. Yet, this novel has successfully taught me multiple. I really love this novel as it is full of potential. One thing I do have to say is there are lots of Grammer mistakes and regular mistakes. Author, I have to thank you. I dont know how to describe how much I love this novel. (I'm not good at speaking properly. Or describing things.) Keep up the good work. I really hope you make more novels. Love you (as an author.) And thank you. Ugh, I still feel like i didn't get my massage across humph!


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I love it. Anyone who chooses this book will enjoy it. The will be plenty smiles on your face ☺☺☺☺😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑


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The story is very nice,I hope everything works out well between Matt and CeCe ,and I think you should do a movie about it ,I hope that Daisy and Hans will work out also and Luna should come to the US


Peace be upon to all of you... I really like this novel ...... hopefully the author will give us the best story line🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #stayread #gogoolivia...


I FRICKEN LOVE THIS BOOK(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)(≡^∇^≡)o(〃^▽^〃)oo(〃^▽^〃)oo(〃^▽^〃)o(≧∇≦)/(≧∇≦)/(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!( ✧Д✧) YES!!≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦≧﹏≦(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(♥_♥)(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )(。>‿‿<。 )∩( ✧Д✧)∩∩( ✧Д✧)∩∩( ✧Д✧)∩∩( ✧Д✧)∩


Am really enjoy the story but wen is d next chapter coming up...am really waiting anxiously.i just pray Cece and Matt end up together and they should also put simeon in his place


I love this book it was really good Matt and CeCe are so much alike it is crazy but they should confess there love for one another right????


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