A Genius and a God Fell In Love Book

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A Genius and a God Fell In Love

First Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month

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"The girl in love with God is a genius." Ding dong! Welcome to the handsome God's game! After the Times Square Ball drop and the world changes… In a terrifying game filled with hidden dangers everywhere, clearing a level meana survival while failing meana death. This is a game of survival set in the real world. … Nancy's teammates all recognize that this young lady is a sickly person. It's all thanks to her teammates' kindness and luck that she can survive. Until one day, they see the little girl wrap her arms around the monster's head and twist it with a snap. Player: For some reason, this girl is scarier than monsters… At that moment, the girl, who is filled with killing intent, collapses weakly to the ground as a pair of arms catches her just in time. The girl coughs weakly. She tugs at the man's sleeve and says weakly, "I almost died again. Thankfully, my kind-hearted teammates saved me." Teammate: So that's how our title of 'kind-hearted' came about. … The players who team up with Nancy feel that this little girl is a lucky mascot. Even though her body is weak and she has asthma, she always manages to survive each game. Even the Gods are full of pity for her. Who would have thought that this girl would be so bold as to deceive the Gods, the Earth, the game, and even steal the body and heart of a deity?! Nancy: Only I'm playing the game seriously. Divine Crane: I'm the only one who's seriously in love. … This is the story of a female lead who disguises herself as a weak woman and uses her intelligence to challenge the game. In the end, she saves everyone and falls in love with the God who invented the game. It is like the game of Jumanji, but our protagonist is a cute girl who looks weak but is powerful. She is extremely good at disguising herself and almost fools all the players. Only the handsome and gentle God knows that this girl is confident and strong.


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