A Gambler's God Book

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A Gambler's God


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Have you ever wondered why the things that happen, happen to you? People talk about fate, though what is "Fate"? A healthy birth? Meeting the love of your life? Dying after a fulfilled life? All of these things are fate, but not solely fate. So now, what exactly is fate? Your birth, the meeting, your death, these things are fate, but what decides if you'll be born healthy or not? What makes sure the person you meet will be important in your life or not? What decides when and how you will die? An easy answer: luck. Luck decides everything small to big that has nothing to do with fate. Fate only connects things that are bound to happen, while luck decides everything around it. This is the story of luck itself, the personification of luck. The god of luck: Fortuna. Fortuna was purely created to rule over fate and luck.