A Fresh Start Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

A Fresh Start


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In a time long ago, in a place far away, you were the sunshine in my darkness. Your mere presence brightened my world. You brought me warmth and relief. But- You and I were not fated. No matter how much you try to change things, no matter how much we try... Nothing can escape Fate. Not you. Not I. In this lifetime, in this world, we will never escape the path that fate has decreed upon us. We are not meant to be. It was a fleeting, but beautiful time. If I were given a wish, I would wish for that time to never end. But wishes are only that, wishes. And like all things, that time was meant to end. If I were given another chance... If we were to meet in different circumstances... Would things perhaps be different? ———— Authors Note: I’m aiming to write a slightly sad story so don’t expect anything too happy. Um... also my naming sense is sort of really bad, so expect some slightly out of place names or just no names at all. Update schedule: Whenever

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