A Frequent Transmigrator's Distress Book

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A Frequent Transmigrator's Distress


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"When the sun rises and the stars fade away, will you still be there waiting for me just like how you always did?" As a frequent transmigrator, there was nothing worth to be feared of by our mc. Death? Wait, it exist? For her, life... is nothing but a game. Rammed by a car? Hit by a train? Hah, expect that! Slammed by a meteor? Grounded into dust? Okay, I was just about to get tired with this role. Let's change to another one. Ah, how about a little blood sucking fly? However, everything took an unexpected turn when her status as an eternal transmigrator was robbed of her. Yes, her life is nothing but a lie. Nooooo!!! * mc's internal scream Could she survive? Especially when she was the embodiment of a death-bringer the calamity herself? ---------- Other Title: The Angel Who Smiles The Sweetest/ Distress of a Frequent Transmigrator: The Transmigration is unsuccessful/ The Flowery Path of a Frequent Transmigrator Chapter Length: 1000-1300 words (Sometimes more or less) Updates: Rewritten (Cover's not mine, all rights reserved to the artist. I'll replace it once I earn enough money to commission for one)


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