A Foreigner in U.K The Modern Holocaust Book

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A Foreigner in U.K The Modern Holocaust


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It's based on my autobiography. It's been a rolacoster every since I. Ame to live in UK as a foreign National. I was not welcomed like the Government say that they open their gate for us foreigners, I could not get a job they will do anything to stop me, they even tried to take my child away from me when I was heavily pregnant I was left to die into the street after 8 years in UK the Council said go back to your Country they erased all of my hard work, I was attacked and verbally abused by their British people I never got justice not even a lawyer will take my case that's how rasciest people in UK are, the Doctor left me to die and refuse to give me a treatment not even a diagnosis after 13 years in UK they got no diagnosis and I need an epi pen they refused to give me instead they call adult social worker on me to try make me look like I have a mental disease not that they are incompetents and made multiple errors into my case, I would like to write my story and I will soon or later.