1 Reincarnation

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(what changes here, is that he wasn't reincarnated in a novel. instead, he was reborn in a total fantasy world. others would still remain the same just the novel part.)

I'll only be publishing this one chapter to know your thoughts about this new change.

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I woke up early in the morning around 6 am, only to find myself lying on a luxury bed and cozy room. But, this silence didn't last for too long. As soon as I woke up, the buzzing noise of two people arguing at each other could be heard outside my room, no... I couldn't say that this is my room since I'm sharing it with my brother.

I glanced at my brother sleeping next to me.

Anyway, Based on their voice and tone, I suspect that these two-person behind the door in front of me are my parents.


From the topic of their conversation, I could guess where all of this is coming from as well as where the topic is headed to.

Well, I already predicted this to happen a long time ago. maybe it was around 2 years or 1 and a half ago I think.

I could still clearly see the image inside my head of that father of mine kissing another woman secretly inside the deep forest near the mansion.

As for how I got this information, I secretly tailed him after noticing him leaving the mansion at midnight. It was too suspicious for a person like him to go outside in the middle of the night, at first, I thought it was just some personal business, but Not only did it happen once but 10 times.

It was curiosity that drove me to do it So I decided to investigate it on my own, and look at what I found, an idiot and a bitch under the dazzling moonlight.

What a stupid combination.

After that, I decided to keep it for myself for the time being. And after a year, I concluded to reveal everything to my mother by sending letters to her anonymously.

I decided not to reveal it on my own to avoid my idiotic father's attention.

At this point, What can I do? With an ultra mega simp man like him inside this family, it's expected to crumble.

Anyway, he must be the luckiest man ever alive on this planet since my grandfather, uncles, and aunts are not present right now. If not, this affair would definitely lead to war between two noble families.



The door created a loud sound along with his running mouth that literally makes me want to kill him. I really hate commotion when I just woke up.

"Flux, Harzy. Are you there? Prepare your luggage we're going to my family."

"You can't just do this and stop what your trying to do."

My mother who was following him from behind tried to stop what he was doing but got shoved away instead.

"Shut up. Taking these kids with me is better than them staying here."

He said those words not knowing the impact that would happen in the future.

"W~hat happened?"

Said my sleepy brother while rubbing his eyes after getting disturbed by the commotion in front.

Ignoring what he was doing, I got up and took my slippers.

And said: "why should I follow you?"

"Sigh* it's understandable that your asking this since you are still a kid. Nevertheless, if you follow my order I'm going to give you an artifact."

"What! Really father?"

The one who said this was none other than my clueless brother that instantly got up from his bed and went toward him for a hug without knowing what he was doing nor knowing the situation beforehand.

I can't help but look at my stupid brother in disappointment. Well, I can't blame him since he is a kid unlike me.

"Yes, I will give you if you follow me." He said before hugging him.

Then, he glanced at me. "You should follow me too. Not only will you get more prizes from me, but you will also be given anything you want as long as it's under my power."

He said those fancy words to persuade me to come with him.

I guess I had no other choice. I let out a sigh.

"Of course..." I said that in response to his persuasion and started walking toward him.

Hearing my reply and action, he made a warm welcoming smile.

"Stop! Don't listen to him"

My mother tried to stop me. However, I didn't stop.

"Yea come to me" ignoring what she said, he spread his arms to hug me.


"No..." I added that word as I passed next to him and went to my mother's side.

I could see the expression my mother made after choosing her. At first, she was surprised, and then an expression that only she could create in this situation.

"Tch..." Getting ignored by his own son, he made a disappointing look at me.

I choose to ignore it. Let him hate me all he wants since no matter what he does, all of it will be ignored by me.

"Well, it can't be helped. That child is a defected anyway. I don't even know if that's my son"

Those words resounded inside my ears.

I tried to ignore it, but in some cases what he said is reasonable to others. Unlike my brother harzy who was born with bright white hair, I was born with black which is something not even from my father's or mother's sides of the family have. even from the generations.

but... I bet my life that he is just being stupid.

My mother was born with white hair where Harzy received it from. While my father was born with green hair through the family bloodline. And here I am, a fucking devil shrouded by angels. Well, I got the same blue eyes from my mother and that was enough for me.

"Since it comes to this, I will take harzy back to my family and you keep that defected with you."

"No! I will take the two with me!"

A strong surge of mana enveloped the entire room causing the tension to compress.

"Stay behind me."

I nodded and obediently waited from behind upon hearing that.

for a weak person like my current self, I knew this would be very dangerous for me so I decided to stay behind my mother's back.

From the other side, I could see trees emerging from the wall.

"So this is the tree magic huh," I said to myself.

it was my first time seeing it in reality.

And my mother, on the other hand, Ice spears started to appear one another from thin air, and the affected area was shortly covered in snow.

In this case, I would've been trembling by now. However, I wasn't affected by the coldness, perhaps, it's because I'm being protected by the caster itself.

"Do you really wanna have a go with me Like this?" He asked.


My mother didn't reply no, she was forced to keep silent. I could feel her emotions so I can tell and understand what she thinks in this situation. However, Regardless of what one thinks, staying silent is not the best approach right now. It would only leave a good impression on the opponent. In other words, she's showing her weaknesses to him and allowing him to take advantage of them.

"Just as I thought, you're not ready for it," he said while preparing to leave through the window.

But before he could leave, my mother said something that made him halt for a moment.

"Just why?" She said as tears started to drop from her eyes.


Without giving any specific reason, he left the room using the window with harzy in his hands.

I can see that harzy was confused before they left. well, it would be more strange even for a clueless kid like him to not be confused by this.

but, That guy, seriously? If I'm level 1000 in a game from my previous life, that guy is much higher than that in simping.

Either way, The result wasn't that bad too, at the end of the day, no one was hurt physically except for mentality I guess.

Soon the knights and maids inside the mansion arrived. But what can they do, everything has already ended. At this point, their presence is basically useless.

However, after thinking more thoroughly I took it back. Their presence can be useful in the palace court too.

Now that everything is fine, I left the sorrowful scene, leaving my mother kneeling on the ground alone, no maybe not since the guards and maids are there to comfort her.

A month had passed like it was nothing after that incident. Many things happened during those days including the almost all-out war between the two families. Good thing the royal family intervened and was able to stop the fight. However, the grudge between these two will never be fixed again.

currently, I'm eating with my entire family silently.

The adults are talking about some political things and some trivial stuff while my siblings are eating stupidly next to me.

After finishing my food, I left the dining room without saying anything.

In my perspective, this behavior is just normal. But my actions do leave a bad taste in others especially when they are nobles. they are etiquette addict after all.

"Your son really needs proper etiquette."

One of my uncles said that behind my back before I was completely vanished from their sights.


No one replied to that.

But the way he behaves makes other people questions themselves if he is a kid or an adult. Albeit in a dangerous situation, he remained unfazed. This is what they noticed after the incident.

and unlike his siblings, he is more mature compared to them.

For this sole reason, the current head of the family or Flux grandfather is starting to keep his eyes close to him because of his strange characteristics.

"Maybe he has the potential to become the next head."

That is what came out of his mouth.


Silence filled the room.

Arriving inside my room, I laid down on top of my bed and started to sort some things out.

"It's been 5 years since then..." I muttered these words.

I'm Flux reborn in a fantasy world. in my past life, I'm just a normal person from other people's perspectives. However, in the world of the gaming community, they see me as a God. my name, my character, as well as my level, are written in the history of games. I got so many privileged from sponsors, gaming companies, etc, and became the richest gamer in the world because of that. however, things ended there when I achieved the highest level in just five years. [name: Flux] [Level: 1000] it's a level no one could attain, no, maybe everyone can, but, it would most likely take them at least 20-30 years if they put more effort into it in order to reach where I'm standing at. after all, the game was really difficult to play. Sword burst... that's the title of the game given by the owner and developers. A VR game where it's focused on leveling up. all players are allowed to do whatever they want like, become the strongest, find a girlfriend, become a well-known player, climb the highest point of the tower, or even create a company inside the game since everything inside that world was free. it was really a great game where I spent all my time playing it. sadly, I died when I was on my way back to my home after buying ingredients from a store nearby. at that time, it was really dark since it was in the middle of the night. I crossed the road while the light is red. I thought it was fine to cross it since I never saw any car nearby after checking. but, when I was in the midst of the road, a fucking white truck magically appeared out of nowhere and hit my body before I could even react. I swear the Gods were the ones who summoned the truck. anyway, that's how I died. it was the most pathetic way to die. but somehow, I was given a second chance to live, I don't know what I did for me to live once again. nevertheless, I'm still happy to live again.

With that, I was reincarnated in this fantasy world.

a world where system, level, and monsters exist just like in the game. and other than that, I was actually happy the moment I came to know about my status in this world. I was the son of the two greatest noble in the history of the empire named Hexol.

Hexol empire was named by the first emperor of the empire and other founders whose family is well-known to everyone. The top ten greatest families.

Each leader holds the title of the duke.

The empire was also known by other nations because of its reputation as the 2nd strongest empire on the continent.

And was competing in the first place based on military power.

but, Whatever the case is, these things are not something I'm concerned with. I'm still a noble person. I could finally look down on people without the need for level for the time being.

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