1 Chp1- The Emiyas

A sea of flames. The burning sceneries were covered over half of New Fuyuki wiping out everything within it path.

People traps and people trying to help with the only outcome of both burning into cinders. Skyscraper structures crumbling along with apartment buildings and the lives and futures of all within.

A disaster like never before seen within Fuyuki city. A true hell on earth yet still as this flames died out, leaving small sparks and rumbles.

The soft tears of joy could be heard as a middle age man stared at the two before him. He had manage to saved two young boy.

" Thank you.. Thank you" Tears drizzling down his cheeks as he grip the two young children hands. The open joy was odd in such a scene but he knew.

Staring through his ruby red eyes, one of the survivors due to this man, could tell. It wasn't only him and the other boy that had been saved but the crying man as well.


After an unknown period of time, within new Fuyuki public hospital, a child with creamy white skin and noble sliver hair, slowly open his ruby eyes only to find himself within a hospital wards.

He stared at the other individuals, young children like himself and survivors of the great Fuyuki fire before gazing at the auburn hair boy beside him.

" Aluk.. Aluk. Kiritsugu came by today and said we would only have to stay here for a few more days." Said red head spoke with little life unlike the first time he woke in this ghastly place call a hospital.

" He did? I guess he didn't want to disturb my sleep.." He spoke while tilting his head in wonder. The sliver head seem to be in thought as he looked at his new brother.

" Shirou Emiya kinda fit with you better than my Aluk Emiya" He spoke with a small smile as he recall his new name.

It had been a month since the great fire and his rebirth in this world. Of course he was speaking metaphorical as his life only began a month ago with no prior memories.

The man who had saved him during that disaster went by the name Kiritsugu Emiya. He had visit the two since they were admitted to the hospital and after waking up a week ago he offer the two the possibility of becoming his family.

Both children had hesitated but after further thoughts they had accepted and became Emiyas. The joy on that man face had been worth it and as Aluk recall tears he had saw during the fire he believes he had made the right decision.

That was before he heard Kiritsugu say he was a magic user. At first one would believe he was a magician and that what every person who heard him thought.

Later Kiritsugu had explain it to the two boys.

" Really? I think it sounded way better with yours. Aluk Emiya. Aluk doesn't seem Japanese though so I wonder if you are part Japanese or something" Shirou question to himself while placing his finger on his chin.

Aluk only reply with a smile as his new brother indulge with his thoughts.


" Okay, I thought you two the theoretical part of mage craft but before going any further I will need you to awaken you circuit. Imagine a form of starter. Visualize the burst of energy. While you do this I will inject you each with minimal amount of prana to help guide you." 

Two years has pass since the great fire of Fuyuki and the Emiya family had settle  within a rather large Japanese style mansion. 

Shirou and Aluk despite being stranger before had grown extremely well together. Shirou was the boisterous and adventurous one albeit a bit of  despair still last within while Aluk.

Well Aluk was the quiet and more mature one who find joy in cooking and reading. He would stay up all night, reading about the world history and various intriguing topic on myth, weapons and fairy tail mix with science fiction.

Shirou and Aluk both cook for the family but, Aluk show a very clear advantage. His talent in cooking had astounded Kiritsugu, Shirou and their landlord Taiga Fujimaru. 

During those two years many thing had happen but the most important one was finally getting their father to teach them mage craft.  It had taken nearly two years but they had began learning the theory two week ago and now it was time to awaken their magic circuit.

Aluk glance at Shirou who had immediately enter a lotus position and started concentrating before shifting his gaze to his father.

" Are you perhaps going to check our origin and element as well?" Aluk curiously question. Origin was the basic definition of a person being while the elements signify what type of mage craft a person would be capable of accomplishing.

" Yes I already have the material needed. I believe Shirou has already awaken his circuit so don't be left behind Aluk" Kiritsugu nodded before he looked at Shirou body.

The blue circuit like pattern around his entire body was clear proof of activating one magic circuit but Kiritsugu couldn't help but feel something was wrong.

Aluk, following his father instructions, immediately close his mind off from the world with ease and imagine a world of complete darkness.

Before a thought could pass through his mind, a small ball of flames was ignited and quickly enlarge into a blazing ball of fire. A large golden sun within the infinite world of darkness.

Soon this soon collapse on itself and release massive amount of energy within an explosion that if was real could wipe out the earth.

Aluk ruby red eyes open wide as sweat drizzling down his cheeks. He had simply wish to use the lighting of a match for his starter but it became that. 

Breathing out with relief he stared at his father only to see a steel hard face staring back on him.

" Aluk come here for the moment" Kiritsugu said and Aluk compile. After revealing his back to his father he felt a stinging heat before glancing at his father dark face.

" Son, I... I shouldn't have told you about mage craft" Kiritsugu said in regret before continuing.

" As I have thought you the average amount of circuit within a Magus is 20. Person without talent for mage craft would have below twenty but you Aluk seem to posses no magic circuit at all. Something that truly puzzle and shock me" Kiritsugu explain causing Aluk to stare down on the wooden dojo floor.

Possessing no magic circuit? It wasn't impossible not to be born with any but the amount of individual were extremely low.

" Sigh. I guess it is my fate never to be capable of mage craft" Aluk said with a sad smile before he looked at his worried brother.

" I am okay Shirou. It doesn't bother me much but it is indeed regretful" Aluk reassure his brother while his father keep staring at him.


Three months later

Under the night sky, Kiritsugu sat with his two boys with a calm smile. His dark eyes as dull as they first met him but held a gleam of happiness within.

He stared at the night sky as he finish retelling some of his past mistake to his boys. He had wish to guide them away from the path he had made.

An hero of Justice. 

" Shirou, I believe father want us not to be like what he was." Aluk sitting on Kiritsugu left said with his blood red eyes still glued to the Mage craft book within his arms.

He may be incapable of Mage craft but he could still read and learn out of curiosity. 

Shirou, who had awaken from his idealistic rebirth frown at his brother.

" What wrong with being a Hero of justice. If I can save someone who is need it is a good purpose." Shirou said as images of the great fire spawn in his mind.

" What use being a hero of justice when it slowly kill you. Sure it a noble task and sure you will save alot of lives but." Aluk pause as he shifted his gaze away from his book and gaze into Shirou yellow eyes.

" What use is a hero who can't hold what is dear to them." Aluk spoke as he felt some disgust against the phrase hero of justice.

Helping other he found no issue with but he rather protect his family and love ones. Returning to the present he gaze at his brother who still held his determine gaze before sighing.

" Do what you want." Returning to his book, Aluk regain an aloof persona causing Kiritsugu to smile a bit.

Shirou was similar to his younger self but his ideal, the one he had derive from him was even more cruel. To save everyone?

Kiritsugu also had wish to save people and would desire kill anyone if it mean allowing more of humanity to survive but that was heroism and he knew it all well.

Aluk on the other hand was more stern, refusing such a dreams. He didn't say it was unrealistic but believe it was a fool belief of saving everyone. You can never save everyone he would say.

Conflicting view yet still the two get along surprisingly well.

Shirou snorted before getting to his feet. He had offer to retrieve some ice cream from the fridge before quickly leaving the two.

Watching Shirou leave, Kiritsugu return his gaze to the sky.

" So it is today father?" Aluk mutter causing Kiritsugu to smile even wider.

" Yes, I can already feel my vision getting blurred and my heart slowing.  Aluk, as perceptive as ever" The soon to be dead man spoke. Unlike Shirou, the more mature and realistic Aluk was the only one that had knowledge of his soon demise.

" If it is today can you atleast tell me who you have been searching for. I can tell everytime you come home it seem like you have died again and again." Aluk said in a calm manner.

" It doesn't.." Kiritsugu had began speaking before he earn his son rather threatening glare.

" It my daughter and your older sister. Illyaviel von Einzbern. Hmm, you don't posses a magic circuit so it will be impossible even if you know." Kiritsugu said before guiding Aluk to a journal he had kept within his room. Stored away under the wooden floor  beneath his bed.

" If you desire to know more you can read that journal but don't tell your brother. The Einzbern aren't a simple family" Kiritsugu spoke before sighing.

" Take care of yoyouru brother Aluk and live your life without regret. I know you dislike Shirou ideals but help him for me." 

" Tsk, sooner or later I will make him understand that ideal of his will only lead to his ruin. If he doesn't understand after that, he will be hopeless. I will try my best as he is my brother and don't worry father.." Aluk spoke as he felt his father slipping away.

" I take care of my family. I will find my sister and protect her" Saying those words, Kiritsugu felt like all the weight that held him on earth had been remove and he slowly close his eyes.

" Father, Aluk let eat" Shirou came running out onto the backyard only to pause and drop the desert he had carried with joy.

He stared at the smiling Kiritsugu as tears fell from his eyes. Shirou knew despite sitting straight up, his father had also left him tonight.

Watching his brother break down into tears, Aluk clench his fist in annoyance. Not due to his brother tears but his powerlessness. There was a whole different world out there he couldn't even step on due to his inability and now he knew that world had his sister.

He needed to get stronger and more powerful so as a normal human he can go against Magus. Sadly he knew all too well that despite his father success in killing many mages with human develop Weaponaries.

He himself won't be able to contend with beings of such power with out mana.

Returning his gaze toward Shirou, Aluk thought of several things.

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