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A FAILURE'S HOPEFUL JOURNEY is a popular web novel written by the author THE_WORDSMITH, covering R18, REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, COMEDY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MODERN, KNIGHTANDMAGIC, HARM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 730.3K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 46 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 299 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


You Xi Wang despises his life with extreme negative emotions, this caused a surge in negative energy which made a part of his soul gain sentience, which complied with his wishes took his entire soul to leave his body, and wander the multiverse. ... In the vast multiverse, there was a planet called Metropia, where lived, You Xi Wang a 16 old boy, fell into a coma when he heard about his parents passing away in a car accident, leaving him and his elder sister. As his grief grows inside his heart You Xi Wang give into despair and his soul breaks. That's when You Xi Wang's soul which was traveling in the multiverse happens to be nearby and resonates with the emotional surge and soul energy, in the end, it takes possession of both You Xi Wang's body and life. ... The story goes on as our hero faces his inner demons and lives a new life with the hope of doing things right this time and reaching the top. Watch how he ventures into a world similar yet unknown to his old one. How he garner the love he always craved for and how he siphons off the hate he holds against himself. ... The world the second You Xi Wang lived in was called Metropia, a world similar to earth with similar nationalities and cultures yet a very different history. A world that was both scientifically and spiritually advanced. A civilization based on both cultivating oneself and technical advancement to support day-to-day life. ... This will be updated frequently, hoping the readers to add this book to your libraries and seeking recommendation votes. Also, the cover does not belong to me. So, please tell me if you want me to take it down.


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Awesome story brother . That guy is a total Savage . the plot is good And interesting . The paragraph are clear and comfortable to read too.


I've read the novel and I can say that the grammar really improves every chapter. You can really see the effort the Author puts in every chapter. I really love this story, Waiting for future updates:)


This book is fun to read 💯. First chapter and I’m already laughing out loud. This book is so good. I can’t wait to know the challenges Roy will face throughout this book. Can’t wait for future updates :)


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Well, the only problem about this is the grammar. If you fix it, it would be a masterpiece. Keep up the good work, and take some breaks if you have to. Writing can get sloppy with tired fingers.


A failure's hopeful journey is one captivating isekai stylebook, although there's a twist which gains it even considerably. I'm just at the start of the book to make a very good review but it shows promise.


A failure's hopeful journey is one captivating isekai style book, although there's a twist which makes it even more better. I'm just at the start of the book to make a very good review but it shows promise.


Reveal spoiler


I just read the initial chapters of this book and even the beginning was so good that I couldn’t stop laughing; it was absolutely hilarious. I loved the plot that follows Roy’s soul on the path of accepting failures. Great work author. Keep it up!!


I find it humorous. It was a detailed one that I could literally imagine everything. I also love the MC, but I especially love his soul. There's no dull moment in this novel. Also, the moral of the story was worth the reads.


Very nice premise! I love how the character struggles with his double identity! I can feel his emotions and I love how he interacts with the other characters too! Big Kudos to you Man!!! I will anticipate for future chapters!


The characters are quite fun and I enjoyed the little details on how you describe them. System is my favorite character, I love how sassy he is.


The Story : It follows Roy's soul in the body of You Xiwang's life and how he strives to live the life in this surreal world while aiming for the top. Very interesting premise, the transmigration was explained from the start which made it clear to understand. The Style : The novel starts in first person, a comical start that could hook the audience. After the quick interaction between Roy and his system, the novel starts beiing narrated in a third person point of view. The author was able to convey the thoughts and perspectives of the characters wonderfully. The Grammar : Good quality compared to most of the original novels found in this site. Apart from some minor errors. It is very good.


I wonder what adventure awaits the ML. The story was interesting on its own. You have a good description of how the story proceeds. Keep up author 👻


You made me laugh easily in the first chapter. Basically your writing style is superb. Such foul mouthed creature is always the best(but if it is with me O think I can't handle it) Wish you continue updating author-san


The story is much more amazing than the synopsis made it out to be. There are sentences in the first chapter that had me laughing out loud. Good job, author!


Thank you author for thIs story. I like the step up upfront - both the You’s siblings lost their parents and how he had then transition into this dimension that open a whole new perspective how the story evolve with the “system” and the magic of his wrist band. The description of the realm and the level of elevation is clearly depicted. Looking forward to see the story climax and how Xiwang’s and his sister’s character would evolved. As the head of the You family and the Council of elders roles are introduced - look foward to see how Xiwang will continue to defend his famIly’s position in the power play. Keep up the the good work. It’s a great compilation of charaters and how they will play off for those into martials arts. The story method is in depth with varying dimension used navigating readers back and forth in and out of the system realm - can be complicated but worth the wait to analyse the plot leaving readers anticipate more! Keep up the good work and effort author!


i really love this story! the sypnosis got me thrilled and excited! your style of writing is so good. each chapter is uniquely written that makes me scream for more chapters!


This story is fun. I can see this story becoming more intense as the story progresses. Content wise it's incredible I'm hoping to read this in my spare time.


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