1 A elf's Requirements Part 1.

In Santa's workshop you must have these requirements.

one: A long pair of ears .

Two: A pair of curly feet.

Three: A talent like no other ...

A little boy named (jingle) sits on the floor as he watches the small ginger bread tv .

He knows in Two years he gets to Shoot his shot in becoming one of the elf's in Santa's work shop . It's always been his dream , jingle sits on the floor as he thinks about what to make to impress santa . Then the Snowblower News comes on .

"BREAKING NEWS " Blast on the tv infront of jingle catching his attention . "TODAY THEIR HAS BEEN SIGHTING OF A MYSTERIOUS ELF !"

Jingle watches in aw .

"He is exstreamly dangerous , and should at any point you should talk to him . Lock your doors and close ur frosting windows shut . " The News elf says as he stares into the camera as he repeats what he said again , jingle watches the elf talk in panic with in his eyes , as he he tries to keep calm . Jingle runs and locks the door before closing the frosting windows shut , making sure they are locked . He runs and goes into his room closing the door and putting his sugarcane chair infront of it . "they should do it " he says as he makes sure the chair can hold the door . Jingle climbs into bed and hides under his covers .

Jingle is woken by the sound of his mother crying his name . "jingle!" She tries to open the door only to it being blocked by Jingles sugarcane chair . "momma?" jingle mutters as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes . "Jingle !" His mother yells happily . "open the door baby , mother needs to clean your room " .

jingle sits in surprise , usually he cleans his own room. "momma" he says getting off his bed slowly , "you never clean my room ?" he says cunfused . "what's the acasion ?" he says puzzled . "jingle that's nonsense mother always cleans your room now let me in . "

Jingle moves the chair and he opens the door to see his mother looking at him . But with a expression on her face he didn't expect to see . "momma-" Jingle's mother Yanks him out of the room and closes the door fast . "jingle !" She says hugging him tightly , Jingle has tears forming in his eyes . "momma what's wrong.." he says crying . "jingle ..someone is in your room ." she says stuttering while picking him up and carrying him out of the house only to hear the door burst open . "jingle run !" Jingle cry's not wanting to let his mother go , "Run now!" She screams at him ." Jingle runs out the door and slams it closed as he runs and hides in a bush right beside the tree line of the snowy forest near the back door of the house .

He catches his breath as he cries into his hands , he sits in the snow waiting for something . Waiting to see his mother leave the building that sat infront of him .

"momma".. He then remembers that he closed every window but one , his own bedroom window . His mother's screams could be heard from inside the house , He stares wide eyes at the back door as tears and snot roll down his face and fall into the snow , He See's a man walk of the building , carrying two items in his hands . Jingle knows one of them to be a work shop hammer from Santa's workshop . He also recognized the other ..

To he his mother's left arm . He watches as the guy walks into the forest behind their house leaving a deep blood trail behind him.

Jingle sneaks threw the snow and into the house , he once knew was safe .

He see's his mother's lifeless body on the ground I'ma puddle of her own blood . Jingle crying soon becomes to a stop. He thinks about the requirements and about the hammer in the elf's hand . He has all the requirements , and now he has a new Reason to become a Elf at Santa's workshop . He looks down at his mothers cold lifeless body and holds her right hand , he wonders how he got her arm off if he only had a hammer . But then he realised ,His mother tried to stab the man but only to have got her arm taken off by him instead , he checked her head . "Two fatal hits to the head " he mumbles .

Now your wondering how is such a sight now so calming to a kid . The answer is ,his heart has Frozen and is now only filled with hate .

He must go to school for two years , before he can work at the workshop . He calls the cops and as the words come out of his mouth that his mother has died ,he breaks down into tears again . The elf cops come and take his words into thought and then the ambulance takes his mother's body away , she's pronounced dead at the scene and he gets taken into custody only to be found not guilty due to the deep blood trail going into the woods . He sends in his school report and gets accepted into the school where he will learn how to make things . When he saw his

mother's lifeless body he felt guilty , he

blames himself and at that moment

he didn't feel like a kid anymore.

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