11 Unexpected Fight

Having spent the night in the underworld waiting for the report of his newfound servants he decided to find some devils to kill, and after a moderate amount of time he found a settlement of green skinned devils. Smiling viciously at the amount of xp he'd get after the massacre he will soon commit.

"{Shadow Elemental} arise, find an entry point and their leader"

With a nod he was off. Waiting until the elemental returned with the information, I checked my status.

[Name: Syrian]

[Race: Demon/Human Hybrid]

[Level: 15/20]

"Awesome I almost can evolve finally. I wonder how that would feel like. Not very well I imagine. Oh he's finally back."

The shadow elemental rose from a nearby shadow and showed his master the information he collected via a mind link.

"Nice job, now hide in my shadow until I say"

'Time to get the show on the road, I'll start by killing all the devils furthest away from there leader'

I then snuck around to the infiltration point and went inside the settlement. Sneaking in was the easy part, I now needed to kill everybody here for my levels sake. splattering the first devil of the bunch i quickly dashed through him, splattering his guts on all of his companions who stood there wide mouthed from shock.

"R-RUN AW-" He was quickly silenced by Syrians hand through his throat, gurgling and trying to still warn his dazed compatriots to run away, however his efforts were in vein with the hand still lodged in his throat.

"Shut the hell up worm, you only exist to become my Xp, now die." with one clean swipe he detached the devils head in half, while looking in the direction of his companions, while his life was fading he say the man who killed him, obliterate every single one of his friend and family in a single moment. Then, darkness developed his conciseness. 'IM GOING TO KILL YOU!' His anger seeped in his very core, darkness from his detached head reconnected with his body, seemingly deciding to heal itself.

"Oh? So your the special one outta the bunch huh? Well too bad for you, even with that flashy new power-up, your still only Xp for me to reap" as Syrian said those words the tiny green headed devil rushed him with only anger on his mind.

"YOU BASTARD, ILL KILL YOU, I SWEAR TO SATAN I WILL KILL YOU!!" His hair stood on itself and changed its color to black, his eyes that were once green turned a shade of red. His aura spiked with a bloody red tint. His bones were breaking and repairing themselves while engaged in combat with the man who just slaughtered his entire Village. However he did not care one bit, all on his mind was vengeance.

'seems like hes evolving to a new race, interesting, maybe if i play with him a bit he will give me more Xp for me, HAHA'

'Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill', that was all on the devils mind while throwing swipes at the demon infront of him, all seemed pointless though, he was dodging every single attack the devil through at him. After a moderate amount of time his body finished evolving, he was more faster than before, his teeth changed, it was more sharper than before, there was black lines covering parts of his body. He kept sending more Attacks at his aggressor.

'HAHA YES THATS MORE LIKE IT! BE MORE HATE FULL MORE RAGE FULL!" Not even a couple of seconds and the devil was catching up to him in speed, they were destroying mountains and making craters wherever they punched, however.. the devils speed was surpassing Syrians increasingly, shocking Syrian a bit, however his body trembled with excitement.

'I don't care what happens, no matter what i will make this demon suffer for what hes done. no matter what..'

*BAM* A punch that could destroy an entire Village Made contact with Syrians Stomach. He looked down to see the devils punch through his stomach. Syrian was Shocked to the core, how could this pitiful weak Xp gain so much strength in minutes.

"Fuck You, you're dying here today." then, with his right hand he punched his through his throat, getting payback for earlier.