10 Something Sinister Is Brewing

"Yummy! That food was delicious!"

"I know right, thank you darling for the meal."

"Ya thank's OneeChan! Your the very best!"

"Hahaha You girls are very welcome, how about a little detour before we go home?"

"Yes Please!" They both expressed themselves very openly tonight, I wish every day is as simple as this one. To be honest, Something in me is telling me that the days from now on aren't going to be so simple. I need to start on my army of demonic beings, so they can protect my family in the shadows while I'm away, but that being said I still do have my shadow elementals at the house. I just hope nothing stronger than them appears.


"Alright girls, take my hand."

With the two of them blushing slightly they take ahold of my hand and I instantly teleport us somewhere else. Where we ended up was a sky filled with endless stars as the sky reached over the horizon.

"AHH WOW, So pretty!" With the two of them still holding my hands, we all stare at the beautiful stars.

"You know girls. Before, when I didn't have the luxury of power, or anybody to call friends, I used to just watch the stars, not caring about anything in the world, it's just so.. refreshing to me."

"I know what you mean darling, the way they twinkle in that endless void seems so surreal to me."

"Ya! They look so pretty haha!"

With my now released hands I pat both of their head, and we return back to the house where I gave the change from the dinner back to my mother, since we aren't too rich, now that I'm thinking about it, why don't I just rob a bank or something, I mean, I am a demonic being after all, I'm supposed to be sort of evil.. right?

"Ahh today has been so peaceful. Wish this would go on forever and ever"

"I'm sure it will darling, after all I have faith even if we are in danger that you will protect us"

"Of course, I will not let anything happen to any of you. That I swear with everything in my heart"after saying that Kuroka gives me a kiss on the cheek and goes off to the room.

'Alright it's best to live up to that promise and go train' then with a swipe of his hand he distorted the space around him and ended up in a world with a red sky and flaming mountains. He is currently in Hell.

'Time to kill some bastard devils . Need to raise my level after all.'

"{Skill: Summon shadow elemental} Rise." Then a shadow elemental appeared from the shadows with the usual appearance.

"Yes success. Listen up! I want you to scout the area around me and bring back any devils you find."

With a quick nod he was off, so in the meantime I decided to make a seat with some earth magic I picked up, and waited for what seemed to be an hour or two until the shadow elemental reappeared Infront of me with a couple devils it seems, they are tied up with what seems to be black mist that acted as ropes.

"Nice job elemental, now stand by while I experiment with these two."

The devils in question seem to be a man and a woman. The woman had short grayish black hair with gray horns. The man had same such features.

"System analysis."


[Name: N\A]


[Race: Imp]


[Level: 7/10]


"Mhm, so they're imps that are close to evolution, perfect for my little experiment. Bwahaha!"

I walked to them and undid the binding constricting their speech.

"It's your lucky day, you two shall now be subordinates of yours truly! However I can't have any weaklings such as you two as followers which brings me to the decision making you both a subject in my experimentation to make you lot stronger, so do try to survive this… change."

As I look forward they seem to understand and they both started shivering. Each step I took the louder I heard there're heart beats. I honestly found it amusing. I wonder if I'm turning more evil with this power over time? Eh whatever so what if I am, as long as I have the power to protect my loved ones. I suppose I don't care much if I become evil.

And so I've reached the two of them and projected my finger forward and my nail of my index finger grew. I lifted the male first since they were about my height it wasn't very difficult, and then stuck my finger in his throat, then I proceeded to let my blood run through him, after a minute or so of that I dropped his body on the ground.

{Skill activate: Diablo's blood}

"AHHH! IT BURNS!" Good looks like it's working. Then I witnessed his body turning in unusual directions as his bones where breaking and repairing themselves instantaneously. After about another minute of him screaming on the top of his lungs he grew in size, projected long sharp nails and grew a very long horn that was red in color in the middle of his forehead, his hair also turned a dark red color, his eyes turned from blue to red in a matter of seconds. The backside grew a new limb, a sharp looking tail.

"HAHA! Very good, you actually survived! Considering your level was so low I wasn't sure you would."

'Now let's see his race, system analysis please'


[Race: Demonic Blood Imp]

[Level: 7/10]

[Skills: Blood Magic- Can manipulate blood that's in sight B+]

[Passives: Diablos Servant- You have been blessed with the blood of Diablo. You are now 100% Loyal to Him. Gain +5 in every attribute when you level up!]


"Mmm, a Demonic Blood Imp, I'm ecstatic with these results! The Diablos Servant Passive seems Great!"

"Stand, I shall give you a name, you now serve me. Syrian, the one who graced you with power!"

"Y-Yes master. I thank you for your generosity!" As he kneeled Infront of me I gave him the name Ruthven.

"Serve me well"

Then I walked to the girl Imp and proceeded to do the same thing as I did the male, but.. this reaction was a bit.. different

" *Moan* Ah fuck it feels sooo good *Moan* I I thin -k imma c-cum "

' yeah if Kuroka saw me around her doing this I'm positive she'll skin me alive'

After a minute of her experiencing absolute pleasure, or so it sounded like, she stoped growing, the aftereffects of the skill left her with two large horns on the sides of her forehead, her skin was pale, she had a long sharp tail, and sprouted wings. Her hair changed from gray to black.

'Well okay then, system analysis'

[Of course]

[Race: Demonic Succubus]

[Level: 9/10]

[Skills: Charm- Can charm any target that you come in contact with. A+]

[Passives: Diablo's blood-]

'No wonder she had that sort of reaction, so she's a succubus, but is it because she's a succubus or that her gender is a female? Well I guess I'll find out in the future.'

"I shall name you Akuji, don't disappoint me. I've got high hopes for you. I'll put you in charge of

Ruthven. You two kill the devils in the area to raise your level, and if you encounter anything with potential to become my servant send me a message. Just call my name and it will set a telepathic link between us for a short while. Do not waste my time however, i would have to discipline you in that case."

Ruthven/Akuji "Yes master! We will not disappoint!"


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