6 Domain Expansion

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I wake up in a Void filled with shadows, I look to my left, then to my right, only to find an endless void that stretches as far as the eye can see "Where the hell am I?." I wander around aimlessly trying to find an exit out of this place. I walk around for what seems to be hours when suddenly the void shifts in front of what appears to be some sort of vortex of shadows, revealing a figure wearing a pure black dress that goes done to her Ankles, black hair that reaches to her waist, and her extravagant big purple eyes that seem to stare straight into the soul, speaking of souls I look down at my hands to find that I am somewhat see-through. She speaks to me in an aggressive and soothing voice that sent shivers down my body.

"Welcome to my realm, I am the Ruler of this place, The True demon lord of destruction and void, Diabella, care to explain why I cannot take over your body, Vessel?"

Oh, shit, it's her, fuck what do I say.. "H-Hello there, my N-Name is Syrian, Ummm To answer your question, I don't really know" Pheww thank the gods that she can't possess me! that would have been bad if she got out of control, she would be a calamity to everyone on earth and all the realms.

"Ohh? Very intriguing you appear to be sane after conversing with me, Well, that's a good thing I guess, Anyways I brought you here because I want to make a deal with you"

"W-what deal? What would happen if I refused?" I'm not liking where this is going

"It's Fairly simple, All I need you to do is Let me out once in a while, I'm quite bored being stuck in this little prison of mine, and don't worry even if I wanted to, I cannot harm you, Unfortunately..."

The fuck you mean, unfortunately, oh well. "How would I do that exactly?"

"All you have to do is find me a suitable body for me to take control over, Don't worry you inherited all of my powers so you wouldn't have to worry about anything like that." Syrian staring at her let out a sigh

"Alright, what's the worst that could happen, I'll make it work. Well, if that's all you needed then could you point me in the direction of the exit?"

"No need for that, I will directly transport you back into your body, you see, you're now in your astral form, well then, this was fun, Nice meeting you" and with a snap of her fingers the void around me was twisting and shifting pulling my consciousness back into my body.




Syrian, now in his body, quickly shot up from his bed in a cold sweat, looking around only to find that he's now in his body again, letting out a sigh again he saw that Shirone and Kuroka are still sleeping.

He gets up silently as to not wake up the two sleeping Neko's, getting dressed, He makes his way outside, he looks up to see the star-filled night sky, 'looks like its still night, I should check my domain to see how it is.' "Domain Expansion" as he said that the entirety of the area changed instantaneously, He looked around and saw that everything changed to a black space, he couldn't see anything around him in any direction, he waited a minute and a blue tab popped up in front of him, it said 'Choose the template for your domain' and listed a bunch of options such as 'castles' 'villages' etc. He scrolled down the list and saw one that piqued his interest, it was 'Dracula's castle' he checked it and it had a huge castle that broke through the clouds, 82 rooms, and 40 baths, it had a throne room and many areas that had may purposes, after thinking about it for a while he decided to get that one. He picked it and the all-black he has only seen, turned into the desired construct.

After a while of admiring its beauty he walked inside, it was magnificent. He visited the throne room, there was a long red carpet from the entrance doors all the way to the throne, speaking of the throne it was a chair lined with gold, sitting at the end of the room that shone with radiance, something that should be worth millions.



In his Throne room, he looked at the tab he pulled up it said

------' Person Gacha;


Syrian getting super excited clicked Yes, once he did that a giant wheel appeared in front of him with a lever next to it, he walked up to the lever and pulled it

'PLEASE BE SOMEONE CAPABLE' with that thought, it started slowing down until it landed on a certain person, After it landed smoke filled the area, and slowly a figure emerged, Immediately the feminine figure looked around then looked at Syrian, Shocked.


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