8 Control


The skill {Diablos blood} allowed me to take advantage of the situation Diabella was in and turned her into a powerful subordinate that will do anything for me if I so wish it, and she was completely oblivious to my scheme! Not only did I get a powerful subordinate, I got a powerful subordinate that can teach me to control my Diablo abilities much more efficiently! It's the perfect win-win situation, other than that Diabella is more or less my slave haha, but who cares for the small details anyway.


Now comes the next step, accordingly, I'm going to bring Diabella to my domain to remain there with Angelica, I'll be visiting there regularly to hone my abilities, similarly Angelica will go through strength and combat training, I have to improve myself as much as I can, I know for a fact that I would get crushed like an ant against someone like Sirzechs, I may have OP Abilities but I'm not so arrogant to think I can go against someone that has more than 500 years of combat experience.

"Diabella, I'm going to take you to the place you'll be staying at for a while."


"Aw, master- Diabella is too long of a name! call me Bella from now on Pleasee!"


"Oh uh, Okay then, Bella let's get going," I recall us into my domain, Our surroundings once again changes into the beautiful scenery I enjoy so much. As we set foot in the entrance of the castle, Diabella, or now 'Bella' Has stars in her eyes when she looks at me, Honestly, I'm getting kind of flustered due to that look, I tricked you for damn sake, you shouldn't have respect for me. *Sigh*


"Alright Bella, This is my domain, I give you access and refuge, you can stay here for as long as you want, just know that this not free, you will be giving me lessons on how to use my Diablo powers more effectively, Understood?"


"Yes of course Master~ Use me to your hearts content~"

Well I certainly won't refuse that, not like she has a choice anyways haha.

Let me get a move on, I don't want Kuroka and Shirone to get worried on where I am.

"Alright Bella, this is farewell for now, I'll see you later, there is a woman here named Angelica, don't be a nuisance to her."

"Aww already master.. alright.. and you don't have to worry about me, I'm sure we'll get along just nice!"

We'll see about that... {Domain Leave}

And once I said that my surroundings once changed to where i entered my domain.


"*sigh* that was sorta nerve racking"

"Ara Ara~ what are you doing outside son~? It's cold out you know."

I turned around and I saw my mother with Kuroka and Shirone.

"Hey! How'd you guys sleep?"

"We slept fine! We were just worried because we had no idea where you were!"


"Oh I'm sorry Shirone, You see I just took a stroll outside, it's pretty out, you know?"

"Mhm, it is pretty out. Oh! Nee-san! Look at all those stars! There so pretty!"

Shirone likes the stars I see, heh what a coincidence. Maybe soon I'll take all of us out camping to star gaze. That's for later though, right now I need to better myself to protect my family..


"Come on, it's cold out, let's go back inside girls"

"Kay! Let's go!"

Then, after we went inside-

"Syrian, can I talk to you for a minute"

"Kuroka? Um sure alright."

Kuroka and Syrian went to their room alone for a bit.

I wonder what she wants to ask. Could it be she knows I was lying? Nah there's no way, I mean I don't really have a problem with letting her know about my domain to be honest.

" I was wondering Syrian, can me and Shirone go to school with you? You see, I want her to live a normal life for now, I know that in the future there is going to be a lot of conflict with powerful beings, I mean, I just want her to enjoy herself while there's still peace. And I honestly I want to stay with you most of my days."

"Oh that's What you wanted to talk about?" Phew she doesn't suspect that I was lying. "Ya that would be great! I can ask my mom to sign you guys up! And school is right around the corner, we should be starting next week!"

"Thank you darling~ I appreciate this."

"Hey it's no problem Kuroka, I'd wanna be with you as well, so it works out! How about me, you, and Shirone get some food? I'm kinda hungry haha."

"Sure silly, let me get dressed first, I'll meet you downstairs once I'm done. Go and tell Shirone to put some dress clothes on."

'Talking to her somehow calms me down a bit, I wonder what that's about, well whatever, gotta tell Shirone to get ready'

Syrian walks down stairs to find Shirone but overhears a conversation going on between his mother and the sweet little nekomata.

"Hey mother, can I ask you something?"

"Anything sweetheart, what's up?"

"Well, it's just, do you find it's weird that me and Neesan are dating your son?"

" Oh of course not silly! I adore the both of you, and to be honest Syrian has been a little.. distant, with me and his dad, so having him show emotions like that is very welcoming!"

"I-I see, thanks mom, and you don't have to worry, I'll T-Take care of Syrian!"

"Haha I know you will dear- Oh Syrian is that you? Stop hiding and come in here."

"Y-Yes, sorry I didn't mean to eavesdrop"

"It's quite alright dear, what did you need?"

"Well me and Kuroka were thinking of grabbing some food and I was gonna ask Shirone if she wanted to-"

"Yes Please!"

"Haha alright, Then go get dressed."


"I assume you need money for the food? Here take this"

She was holding out a 100$ Bill, I took it from her and thanked her, then I waited downstairs for a bit, then finally they came down dressed up, Kuroka was wearing all black, with black jeans and a black fur coat, Shirone on the other hand wore all white in the same outfit, wow they look Beautiful.

"You both look stunning.."

"Aw stop that darling~ your making me blush~"

"Thanks OneeChan! You look pretty handsome too!"

With Syrians golden and black hair, angelic features, and dressed up in black jeans and a white T-Shirt he did look handsome.

"Haha thanks Shirone. Shall we go then?"

"Yep let's go darling."


To be Continued 🖤

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