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A dropped book


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In a world of elves, vampires, demons, sirens, changelings..there’s so much drama and chaos untold, Rutherford being the safest kingdom, how did it become the safest kingdom? Why did the demon and vampires and other creatures mysterious vanish from that kingdom, Damien Lafayette the present king of Rutherford has set his eyes on Madeline, the daughter born of a elf and angel, two odd pair...join Madeline and Damien in their quest to save humanity...or if they would survive in the mysterious and conceited world. ————————————————————— “The only mistake I made was coming in contact with a devil like you...” A dark chuckle escaped his lips, making her shuddered. “That’s tough love maddie...in this world you belong to only me, no man can have your or I’ll have his head instead...” My discord https://discord.gg/XSZnzK8U