8 Chapter VIII

Guild Headquarter. The place was never left empty save for closing hours, particularly in this kind of morning where many adventurers who returned late and wanted to exchange their share of loot before returning to the same kind of activity as anyone else –fighting monsters within the dungeon.

Rinse and repeat.

Eina Tule loosely held a book in hand, her other scribbling down on a page of paper. She stopped. The sound of footsteps made her aware of the new presences in front of her desk at the main lobby.

"May I help you with something?"

The stranger was decked in silvery metal plates from head to toe. A pommel of sword peeked out of the stuffed backpack which also being sandwiched with a shield that gave off the vibe often can be sensed from a god. A helmet was tucked to his waist, giving her a free look over the stranger's faces. Eina could imagine the stranger intent was to wage a rosy war or dueling in bout of honor in one of the coliseums, however seeing this kind of establishment Eina doubt the knight had such misdirected intention.

Behind him followed shyly a young girl whose hand held tight over the knight, both had almost matching features, and likely be mistaken as sibling at a single glance. However, her experience over the years had made her certain that the girl was not in any way ordinary.

"We're here to register our new familia." The knight announced. His blue eyes stared at Eina's.

"I understand."

She directed them inside, where sensitive matter can be discussed in private settings. She waived over dozens of other guild workers –mostly seen with a stack of paper in their hands, the newer employee was never absent without sweats free-falling off their faces– she took several documents and paper required to complete the registry.

"This is the registry form; I'll guide you along the way."

Her intuitive was proven to be correct as the young girl filled the paper. Her blue eyes scanned over the contract agreement and registry form. The Knight stood behind the goddess seat. His gaze never left the girl. Something about him screamed a déjà vu to her mind –as she had met him somewhere once or few times.

"Is there anything wrong or need to clarify?"

"No. I'm quite satisfied with it. There's no burden for newer familia to contribute greatly to the guild would it?"

"The guild won't impose newer familia with taxes and goal of contribution yet until they reach a certain rank."

"Hmm I see. That sounds acceptable. It's not like I can negotiate with this contract either, is that right?"

"Yes, otherwise it wouldn't be fair with the other familia if we make an exception."

The petite goddess nodded and handed her the registry form. "Would you like to also register your familia member right away? I assumed the knight is yours?"

Herma Mora familia. Eina was quite sure she's drilled with expansive knowledge of god's name and myth, however she never heard or read even once of this particular goddess. The description stated that the young girl lorded over fate and knowledge. A request was written to also announce her name as Abigail, while leaving the name of Herma Mora for official matter only.

Considering the name was written in an unfamiliar tongue, Eina can imagine the goddess wanted to be more easily addressed.

"Ah that's right." The young girl nudged the knight with paper, which he quickly filled and handed over to Eina.

The half-elf blinked. She brought a handkerchief and wiped her glasses before putting it back on and double-checked the paper and the owner.

"Uhm, is this correct? Luscius Artorius-san?"

The knight simply raised an eyebrow, confused at her question, "I thought you knew me already, Eina?"

A hue of rose pored over her cheek, "Are you sure? No, never mind. M- my apology, I didn't know it was you. I thought you were older."

It is true. The man she knew was an unkempt, dirty, uncouth, bearded barbarian –and not this an absolute personification of a knight in shining armor that came out straight out of a fairy tale many maidens fantasize over.

On the other hand, the Dragonborn didn't let go her comment that he was old. If he thought about it, he was almost executed on that block in Helgen when he's only fourteen years old –a simple youth that just flew from his nest to master his own destiny. He didn't mind really being called old; it was a compliment to him and his testament of survival, whereas numerous others that trudged the same path have fallen before him.

The half-elf still couldn't wrap her mind what happened to the old Luscius she'd come to know in these past weeks. This must be an impostor. It must be, she rationalized. However, her professionalism held her tongue back from further questioning. What kind of person would benefit from impersonating Luscius anyway?

"I don't understand what you're clamoring about. But, it's nice to work with you again, Eina."

The Dragonborn let a small easy smile.

"The feeling is mutual, Luscius."

In the end, the guild worker couldn't help but faked a smile, as she usually does. God hope they didn't assign him to her no matter how charming current Luscius looks like, her mind would always gaze to the Luscius of that day... and his pathetic attempt of courting her by showing off some weird amulet.

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