5 Chapter V

While he had a dedicated museum back in Solitude to store and display various trinkets and artifact he found throughout his adventure, most of his gear were stored inside the Annals. He'd no desire to build a museum truthfully, it just that it feel like a waste leaving all of those treasures behind, so he gradually accumulated too many trinkets which he never used or look at the second glance.

There's a slight satisfaction when he saw various items lined up in orderly manner, sorted from its significant attribute, like the lowest tier of iron sword to the rare tier such as Daedric or Dragonbone sword. However, he can't admire those collections anymore as he's stuck in this world for unforeseeable of time.

The armory in the annals contained mostly his enchanted gear. Besides are the workshop in which housed all of his blacksmithing and enchanting need. Then a foyer leading to an apothecary and conservatory maintained by an elder seeker whose name have been lost in time but have served him faithfully since he was gifted a part of the annals.

He toured around the armory. Armor sets were arranged and kept safe inside a plinth made of lapis, in which between the plinth lay a rack full of powerful weapons, both made with mundane and out of ordinary materials. Each were anticipating the day when their master would wield them, delivering punishment to his sworn enemies or encasing him from harm.

"Much better than I thought, Antiquarian."

"Of course, for I've poured all my knowledge in designing this chamber."

He walked and stood up in front of one plinth. "This will do nicely for now." He brought the armor and swapped it with his tattered set of the armor of the knight of Talos.

It's the first armor he'd made, and he wore during his journey to Cyrodiil and consequently to the Molag Bal realm, Coldharbour –the set of Alessian Inquisitor. There was no name at the time, but he thought it fitting. It was made with a mixture alloy of quicksilver and ebony. Primarily quicksilver for the coating that gives it a tinge of silver instead of the usual dark color associated with ebony. Woven on each part of the armor were powerful double enchantments crafted and poured with ancient dragon souls. The chain mail underneath was made of pure mithril.

Fortify shouts and stamina regeneration for the helmet. Fortify armor and resist magic for the chest. Fortify magicka regeneration and one-handed for the gauntlet. Fortify movement speed and muffle for the boots. He wore Gauldur amulet which gave him additional strength in all attributes as well bolstering their regeneration rate, the ancient amulet could also bring him back to life once a week. In addition, he'd three additional enchanted accessories in the form of; the tome of dragon lore tied to his back which reduce shout cooldown and fortify the strength of the shout; the erudite ring that gives him a tremendous boost in magicka capacity and regeneration; and a flask of hist sap tied to his wait to light his path, and the pure energy it radiated also weakened the undead in vicinity.

This choice of enchantment was tailored to his circumstances, as he often goes to a lengthened expedition inside a barrow or vampire's lair –fighting with a little to no rest depended on how fast he could recover in the small gap of respite. It also adapts well with any other circumstances.

Reminding him that there's no undead, he swapped and fastened a sword to his back. It's made with the same material as the armor and has a great single enchantment (two would weaken the effect) that is being able to weaken the armor of a creature, making it very vulnerable once hit –quite similar with the metaphorical term of 'cutting butter with a hot knife'. He grabbed an enchanted knapsack and wore them over the sword in his back –in addition to storing potion, scrolls, and essential necessity (bedroll, food, canteen, rope, etc.), it has the enchantment to lessen the weight of the item he wore and carry. Lastly, and of course, a shield wouldn't be hurt to bring. He picked the Auriel's Shield which deflects arrows and absorbs energy from blocked attack (reflecting them back once a set of charge is reached) and a substantial chance to reflect melee damage delivering twice of the damage to the attacker. He fastened the Aedric artifact on top of the knapsack.

As always, the Dragonborn were battle-ready at any time and any minutes. He was seldom seen outside his battle-attire.

He nodded to himself as assuring that everything is complete and head outside. Furthermore, he visited the treasury and the apothecary for a bit to grab a few gems he could sell and potions he could use.



Alessian Inquisitor - an organization within the radical Alessian Order that ruled the empire during the 1st era in all but name. Not much is known of their role but glancing at the name you know they've done really, horrible, and terrible things.

Mithril - It's basically the same shit as the one that hobbit wore. Brilliant Todd.

Gauldur Amulet - A pretty shit of an artifact in vanilla Skyrim but if you installed Reliquary of Myth mod, it's one of the best amulet in the entire game, boasting all attributes buff along with regeneration and the ability to resurrect once every 15 minutes. The same can be said with the Auriel's Shield and Erudite ring. The knapsack and tome is from some mod which I have forgotten the name.

Flask of hist sap - Bootleg Estus flak from Dark Souls, instead of serving as emergency health button, it served only as decorative light emitter that can be tied to your belt.

MC armor for now

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